Idiot steals rings, leaves behind his information

On CBS Eyewitness News with Pat Ciarrocchi today, a story was featured regarding the second incident since April when 2008 World Series rings have been stolen from Citizens Bank Park.

This time, the culprit- 22-year-old Matt Marvine. Marvine was ejected from yesterday’s NLDS game two after acting inappropriately behind his “Rockies killer” mask. Marvine left the park upon his ejection, but instead of continuing to his car, he decided to drop in the Phillies executive offices and apply for a job, skull mask and all.

Marvine proceeded to fill out an application, using all his real information (Name, Address, Phone number)

According to police, Marvine was videotaped putting his mask and rally towel down to apply and then picking them up, also taking a manila envelope, containing three small World Championship rings, which were to be sent on to scouts.

The rings are valued at $1,100 each.

When the rings were discovered missing, it was discovered that all the information on his application was, in fact, real. The police showed up at Marvine’s address, finding him and all three rings.

Marvine has been charged with theft. He has been arrested before on drug and carjacking charges.

No word yet on whether he got the job with the Phillies.


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