Link it Up! Playoff Style

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Link it Up!”. “Link it Up!” seems to be more of an off-season type thing, but with the Phillies in Colorado, getting ready to the on the Rockies tomorrow, in likely sub-freezing temperatures, with the NLDS split at one, I figured I’d point out some of the best stories from around the web for your reading pleasure.

Phils’ bests of the decade (We Should Be GMs)

Paul Hagen on the importance of yesterday’s loss (

Bill Conlin on Charlie’s use of the pen (

Pedro will start Game Three (

Denver’s weather could play havoc with series (

12-year-old girl robs Howard of important homerun ball (Phinnaly Philly)

Chase’s struggles in the postseason (

Anyone interested in submitting freelance game recaps for use on Phillie Phanatics is urged to contact Shay Roddy ( for more information.


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