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BREAKING: Moyer out for season

PHILADELPHIA—This just in. Jamie Moyer’s MRI results have come in and they don’t show good news for the Phillies.

The MRI shows tears in three tendons—two in his groin and one in his lower abdomen.

He will not pitch again in 2009.

Recovery time is reportedly 10 months, but Moyer is expected to be ready for the start of Phillies’ spring training in February.

According to team physician Michael Ciccotti, Jamie Moyer will have a surgery to repair the tendons in the next seven to ten days. According to Ciccotti, 90-95% of players who undergo the surgery return to the Major Leagues.

“Given the fact that much of what a pitcher generates velocity-wise is from their legs, and given the fact that has he injured two of those adductor tendons and also his lower abdominal muscle, it’s not the type of injury that you can really treat non-operatively to get back and pitch at the level he would want to be pitching at,” Ciccotti said. “It’s really best treated surgically.”

According to Ciccotti, 90-95% of players who undergo the surgery return to the Major Leagues, however you must factor Moyer’s age into the equation. Given that he is 46, his chances to return to the big league level are clearly slimmer than a young player.

Ciccotti doesn’t seem worried. “Jamie has all the qualities you need to get back in terms of focus and dedication to a rehab program,” he said. Ciccotti expects he’ll be ready for the spring.

More coming…

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Happ is best option at closer

Consistency has been the main topic on Phillies manager Charlie Manuel’s mind lately as he sits and watches his team struggling atop the NL East. After dancing around reporters questions for months, Charlie was finally willing to answer for his closer this week.

After a perfect season en route to a World Series title last year, Brad Lidge has been inconsistent to say the least this season, blowing a league worst eleven saves. And after another blown save last Wednesday, it appears that Brad Lidge’s days are unceremoniously over as Phillies closer. 

Without Lidge, Manuel and company are left with one obvious question- Who is the closer in the playoffs?

General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. spoke on the situation this week saying, “Our best club is to have Lidge pitch the ninth. Right now, he hasn’t been doing it effectively, and we’ll have to make an adjustment off that. … No decision has been made officially. Charlie is going to bring people in to pitch in the seventh, eighth and ninth inning that he feels will be most effective. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Lidge isn’t one of those guys. He still could be one of those guys. It could be (Ryan) Madson. It could be Lidge. It could be a host of guys. Obviously it will be different if we get some of the other guys back.”

Let’s examine what Amaro said and throw a few different options out there:

You can go with a closer by committee setup, using whoever matches up best with the opponent’s lineup. This could work, and seems to be what Manuel has elected to go with so far. It allows you to test a variety of people like Chan Ho Park, Tyler Walker, and J.C. Romero in the position to see how they deal with the intensified situations. The drawback is that no one  knows when they’ll be used, so they can’t prepare as well as if they know their situation.

You could also name your most consistent relief pitcher Ryan Madson closer. Madson however has struggled in the ninth this season. He is also a huge asset to the bullpen as a setup man. He has been among baseball’s best there, and moving him from that spot could turn for the worse.

Some talk has been made about putting Pedro Martinez in the closers roll. This however seems to be a recipe for disaster, as Pedro hasn’t spent much time in a bullpen roll and has lost much of his velocity. He is also getting up there in age so pitching on back-to-back nights could prove problematic.

What seems to be one of the best options would be using J.A. Happ in the closers roll. Happ will likely end up in the bullpen anyway, after a rocky route to a win on Tuesday. You won’t take five starting pitchers into the playoffs, and provided Pedro Martinez is healthy, he’ll probably be the forth pitcher in your rotation.

If Happ is in the pen, using him as closer would free up the rest of the relievers to do what they do best.

Happ has recent bullpen experience too, he started just this season out there. If he could muster up the stomach to deal with the ninth he could save the day, as this Phillies team stumbles into the first round of the playoffs.

Closer certainty is crucial to winning another World Series, and Happ is the best person to provide just that.


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State of the site

Obviously there’s been an embarrassing lack of content here on Phillie Phanatics in the last three months. At this point it’s not fair to you to post only every now and then. I’m at a personal crossroads with the blog. Either stop it or keep up with it.

Due to having a real job, I have been working prime time and haven’t been able to find spare time for this. But, I am now working normal hours and will hopefully be able to take this blog strongly through the season.

So here’s the plan, anyway:

From now until late September you can expect three to four weekly columns on the site. These will be the same columns that I write as part of my Featured Columnist duties for CBS’s Bleacher Report. Toward the end of the season and through the playoffs you can expect those same three to four columns along with a few more “bloggy” features per week.

Hopefully I haven’t lost my touch and the Phils can provide us with some exciting content to get us back on track.

Thanks for hanging in there with us and please feel free to let me know your thoughts below.


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