Interview archives:

Ray Didinger on Training Camp [8/18/2010]

Scott Franzke on the Phils recent success [8/18/2010]

Kevin Cooney on the state of the Phils [7/15/2010]

Marc Cornstein, Sam Dalembert’s agent on the trade [6/17/2010]

Scott Franzke live from Bright House Field [3/20/2010]

Randy Miller on his warts and all bio ‘Harry the K’ [3/7/2010]

Jayson Stark talks Phillies off-season [1/20/2010]

Ray Didinger and Glen Macnow on The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies [12/8/2009]

Paul Hagen on the hot stove season [11/29/2009]

Kane Kalas on his father Harry the K [11/19/2009]

Darren Daulton on the 2009 World Series [10/30/2009]

Dusty Baker on the 2009 World Series [10/29/2009]

Jody McDonald on the 2009 World Series [10/28/2009]

Tyler Kepner on the 2009 World Series [10/27/2009]

Scott Franzke on the NLCS [10/15/2009]

John Finger on the 2009 NLDS [10/7/2009]

Phillies 2009 Playoff Round Table [10/6/2009]

Mike Sielski on Fading Echoes [8/25/2009]

Jerod Morris on his column turned controversy regarding Raul Ibanez’s steroid use [6/13/2009]

Phillies 2009 Opening Day Round Table [4/8/2009]

Scott Lauber [3/17/2009]

Andy Martino [3/16/2009]

Jayson Stark [3/3/2009]

Brian Startare [2/24/2009]

Pat Gillick [2/22/2009]

Ray Didinger [2/13/2009]

John Finger [1/19/2009]

Scott Franzke [1/17/2009]

Michael Barkann [1/16/2009]

Joe Conklin [1/9/2009]

Mike Sielski [12/27/2008]

Glen Macnow [12/26/2008]

2 responses to “Interviews

  1. Gbizzle

    yo great interviews u should try to get Al morganti, he’s cool!


  2. Shark

    these are great. separate u from the rest.

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