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Interview: Dutch Daulton says Utley is key

BY KIRK REYNOLDS, Playmaker Mobile, for Phillie Phanatics.

Darren Daulton never got a Phillies World Series ring. He came close, going to the 1993 World Series, but he never quite got to experience a championship in this city. After moving on to the Marlins, he got his ring in 1997, but for Dutch it was never had a real meaning. He was a Phillie, through and through. Now, more than ten years later his ring is for sale, as he is back in the city his heart has always been a part of- Philadelphia, as part of the Comcast SportsNet Philly post-game crew.

Phillie Phanatics correspondent Kirk Reynolds, who works with Playmaker Mobile, the hot new mobile phone app, caught up with him before Game 2 yesterday.

KIRK REYNOLDS: Who has the advantage between Philadelphia’s pitchers and the Yankee bats?

DARREN DAULTON: These teams are pretty equally matched, so the team with the least amount of walks and the least amount of errors and mistakes is going to win.
KR: What about between New York’s arms and Philly’s bats?

DD: I have said throughout the post season that Chase Utley is the key to the Phils winning the World Series. As evidence, you can see what an impact he made on game one with two home runs. The team seems to feed off of Chase so my answer is the Phils, based on the success of Chase. Also, the short porch at Yankee stadium will benefit the Phils left handed hitters; again Chase is the lead but Howard and Ibanez both are going to have big series in my opinion, again advantage Phils.

KR: Who are the unsung heroes (i.e. underrated players to watch) on each team?

DD: Ibanez has had a terrific year so I can’t say he’s underrated but is a candidate for unsung hero. Also J. A. Happ may play a significant role if the series goes six or seven games. The Yanks unsung hero needs to come from the bullpen. Their starters are not going to sneak up on you–each of them are stars and are the best starting line up in the American League.

KR: What do the Yankees have to do to win?

DD: Play their game–they were dominant and have the best hitting line up in the American League. The starting pitchers have to throw strikes. The Phils are not going to help them by swinging at bad pitches. Evidence of this was the other night against CC–I think he threw over 100 pitches by the 6th inning. So, the starting pitchers need to get ahead in the count and throw strikes. Again the bullpen is where the question mark gets an exclamation point. We all know what Mariano can do. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone else, picks up the pill in middle relief.
KR: What does Philly have to do to win?

DD: Continue to take pitches, get runners on base, and I think they can steal more bases. I think Charlie is the best manager in baseball and has made all the right calls up to this point. Remember Charlie’s forte is his ability to make hitters better so don’t expect for Charlie to have them start bunting now. Again getting 100 plus pitches in the 6th inning shows the great discipline of the entire line up. This was the key to the ’93 ball club when we won the NLCS. Dude was the best leadoff hitter that year and each teammate sacrificed to get the starters in to high pitch count situations in the middle innings.

KR: Which team do you think will win?

DD: Come on are you serious…Phils in 5 maybe 6


Thanks to Kirk Reynolds, our correspondent, for all his work throughout this World Series.


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Interview: Dusty Baker picks your Phillies

BY KIRK REYNOLDS, PlayMaker Mobile, for Phillie Phanatics.

Cincinnati Reds’ manager Dusty baker is no doubt paying close attention to the World Series, and he has a prediction to make, that should please Phillies fans. Phillie Phanatics correspondent Kirk Reynolds caught up with him to talk about the World Series.

 KIRK REYNOLDS: The Yankees have several players with loads of postseason and World Series experience. The Phillies won it all last year, who would you say has an edge from an experience standpoint?

DUSTY BAKER: Both have very high-powered offensive teams. The Yankees have outstanding starting pitching and they match up well with the Phillies because of all the left-handed bats in the lineup. You are always trying to advance runners in the postseason so you need to pay attention to who gets the most 2-out hits and what unsung hero that no one is counting on is going to make some big plays. I think the two best matched up teams have made it and I like the Phillies because they were just there. There is something about having a chance to repeat. 

KR: We know some of the big names in this series – Ryan Howard, Derek Jeter, A-Rod, but to win it does someone we don’t expect have to rise up with key performance?

DB: I think so. Melky Cabrera could play a big role, so could Robinson Cano, who is one of the finest young hitters in the game. Guys like Jeter and Damon have been there, but they have some big bats like A Rod and Teixeira who have never been to the World Series. It will be interesting to see if they can get some of those new big bats to perform. For Philly pay attention to the right-handed hitters like Jayson Werth, Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz against the Yankees left handed pitchers. In the ALCS you saw Jeff Mathis became the unexpected star for the Angels. He was a guy no one expected but he was hitting like crazy.  Guys like that can make all the difference in a big series.

KR: You had some of the epic World Series clashes with the Yankees. Do they have any kind of edge because of all of the past history, the mystique or is that easily forgotten by the Phillies?

DB: I’ve lost in Yankee Stadium as a Dodger and won in Yankee Stadium as a Dodger. It can be done, but you don’t want to be in a position where you have to win there. They just believe they are always going to win, the players believe it, the fans believe it. They brain wash you. They put all those great moments in Yankees history on the scoreboard during batting practice. The highlights are great and the Yankees are just killing teams and you have to watch it for two hours. You can’t help but see it. It is not conducive for visitors. They wanted to take that vibe and that history from the old stadium and bring it to the new Yankee Stadium and with the success they are having it appears to have worked. I remember when Aaron Boone hit that home run off Wakefield to get the Yankees to the World Series in 2003, Derek Jeter had told him not to worry that the ghost will come. So the Ghost of Babe Ruth may be a curse to some but he’s been good for the Yankees. 

KR: What do you think is most important for Philadelphia in this series? What or who gives them an edge?

DB: The most important thing for Philadelphia is that they have to win in Yankee Stadium. They had the best road record in baseball. Most teams win at home and hope to get to .500 on the road. Philly was way above .500 on the road and that’s huge. They have confidence on the road. They don’t panic and Charlie Manuel said they have the best togetherness and spirit that he’s ever seen.


Dusty went on to say that he thinks the Phillies will win the series. He thinks the chance to repeat will make a difference.



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UT-er-LEE Amazing!


NEW YORK- The grounds crew paraded around the rain soaked Yankee Stadium field, a few hours before yesterday’s Game 1 of the World Series. Their shirts, with a crossed out number 26 and a big 27 on the back. The significance? The Yankees 27th title was just days away.

Or so they thought.

It had been a week since the Phillies played a baseball game, and anticipation was high around. The City of Brotherly Love. After getting it’s first dose in a long time, last season, of World Series baseball, Philadelphia couldn’t wait much longer for this year’s highly anticipated series with the Yankees to begin.

It wasn’t the perfect night for baseball, rains soaked the field all day, and the game was played through a steady drizzle, which at points escalated to a hard pour.

However, when Cliff Lee stepped to the mound, all that was forgotten, and the day couldn’t be more perfect. 

Lee was dazzling, sending Yankees diving across the plate to try to catch his perplexing breaking pitches. After pitching two scoreless, innings, Lee headed back to the dugout to watch his offense try to put some runs on the board against the left-hander C.C. Sabathia.

After Sabathia swiftly retired Jimmy Rollins, who predicted the Phillies would win the series in five games and Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, the struggling All-Star second baseman strode to the plate. With two strikes and two outs Utley took Sabathia’s pitch into the second run beyond the notoriously short right-field fence.

With the 1-0 lead, Lee continued to shine, mowing down Yankees, and still refusing them runs. In the sixth, Utley again strode to the plate against Sabathia, who looked good, making only the one mistake in the third. With a 1-2 count, Utley again took Sabathia pitch deep to right. This time way back into the stands.

It turned out the two runs would be all Cliff Lee would need, as he continued his rout of the storied franchise.

After Sabathia left the game, it was all down hill. The Phillies rallied to score four more, heading to the bottom of the ninth. With Ryan Madson warmed and ready, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel had a decision to make.

Let Lee try to finish his complete game shutout, or have Madson put the finishing touches on for him.

For Charlie, the decision was easy. The ball belonged to Cliff.

Hitting only one minor speed-bump- an unearned run scoring on a Rollins throwing error- Lee finished things off for the Phils winning Game 1 6-1.

With that the Phillies have taken a 1-0 series lead, and more importantly, taken home-field advantage away from the Yanks.

It looks like it’s just one step closer toward putting the arrogant Yankees’ shirts back in the closet until next year.




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World Series Game 1 preview



For your 2009 NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies!

  1. Jimmy Rollins SS
  2. Shane Victorino CF
  3. Chase Utley 2B
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. Jayson Werth RF
  6. Raul Ibanez DH
  7. Ben Francisco LF
  8. Pedro Feliz 3B
  9. Carlos Ruiz C

Notable: Ibanez DH, Francisco LF.

AL Champion Yankees:

  1. Derek Jeter SS
  2. Johnny Damon LF
  3. Mark Teixeira 1B
  4. Alex Rodriguez 3B
  5. Jorge Posada C
  6. Hideki Matsui DH
  7. Robinson Cano 2B
  8. Nick Swisher RF
  9. Melky Cabrera CF



From today’s press notes:

C.C. Sabathia vs. Phillies hitters
Jimmy Rollins: 5/13, 4 XBH, 1 RBI, 1 BB
Shane Victorino: 5/9, 2 XBH, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 1 BB
Chase Utley: 0/5, 3 SO, 1 BB
Ryan Howard: 3/9, 1 XBH, 1 RBI, 4 SO
Jayson Werth: 2/8, 2 XBH, 3 SO
Raul Ibanez: 11/40, 5 XBH, 2 HR, 9 RBI, 2 BB, 10 SO
Pedro Feliz: 1/8, 1 XBH, 1 RBI, 3 SO
Carlos Ruiz: 2/5
Ben Francisco: 1/5, 1 XBH, 1 BB

TOTALS: 30/102 (.294), 19 XBH, 3 HR, 6 BB, 23 SO 

Cliff Lee vs. Yankees hitters
Derek Jeter: 11/27, 3 XBH, 5 RBI, 3 BB, 3 SO
Johnny Damon: 2/22, 1 BB, 3 SO
Alex Rodriguez: 5/15, 2 XBH, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 2 SO
Mark Teixeira: 9/23, 5 XBH, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 2 BB, 2 SO
Jorge Posada: 6/21, 4 XBH, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 2 SO
Hideki Matsui: 5/17, 2 XBH, 2 BB, 4 SO
Robinson Cano: 4/18, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 3 SO
Nick Swisher: 6/18, 2 XBH, 1 RBI, 4 BB, 4 SO
Melky Cabrera: 3/11, 1 XBH, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 1 SO

TOTALS: 51/182 (.280), 19 XBH, 6 HR, 14 BB, 24 SO



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    Don’t mess with Pedro

    Probably my favorite quote so far this series, from Pedro’s presser just moments ago at Yankee Stadium:

    “I remember quotes from the paper, ‘Here come the men that New York loves to hate.’ Men? None of you have probably ever ate steak with me, or rice and beans with me to know what the men is like. You might say the player, the competitor, but the men? You guys have abused my name.

    “There is one time I remember when I was a free agent there was talk that I might meet with [Yankee’s owner George] Steinbrenner. One of your colleagues had me in the paper with horns and a tail. Red horns and a tail. That’s the sign of the devil. I’m a Christian man. I don’t like those things.”

    Don’t mess with Pedro, before you eat rice and beans with him, New York.

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    Emptying the notebook, World Series style

    So, I’ve been trying this week to actually write some insightful columns, and conduct some interviews, both for the folks over at CBS and here. In addition to that, I’ve been accumulating a tremendous amount of notes that I’ve slipped into various columns or interviews. However, not everything made the cut, or fit or whatever. So just for the sake of having everything in one place, or in case this is the only website you go to on your internet machine, let’s review the events from the last few days:


    • Charlie Manuel officially named Cliff Lee his Game 1 starter, but he would not commit to anybody for Game 2. Well, at least publicly he would not commit to anybody.
    • The Phillies held a simulated game this afternoon. Pedro Martinez, J.A. Happ, Chan Ho Park, Brett Myers, Kyle Kendrick, Antonio Bastardo, Clay Condrey and Tyler Walker all threw.
    • Raul Ibanez did not rule out surgery after the season to repair a tear in his abdomen, which was first reported by Sports Illustrated.


    • Charlie Manuel expects to see CC Sabathia three times if the World Series goes seven games.
    • Raul Ibanez is going to DH Game 1, which allows Ben Francisco to play left field. Matt Stairs or Greg Dobbs could DH Game 2 against A.J. Burnett.
    • Robin Roberts spoke about the 1950 World Series to reporters. He said he hated four things growing up: Notre Dame, Michigan, the Yankees and Russia. 
    • Charlie Manuel again refuses comment about his Game 2 starter.
    • J.A. Happ was named Sporting News Rookie of the Year as voted by his fellow players.
    • Jimmy Rollins picks the Phillies in five games on Jay Leno. He correctly predicted a Phillies-Yankees World Series in Playboy back in March.


    • Charlie Manuel announces that it will be Pedro Martinez in Game 2 for the Phillies. He will use Cole Hamels Game 3, at home, Saturday.
    • Ryan Howard makes the regional cover of Sports Illustrated.
    • Brett Myers, who was left off the NLCS roster is back on the World Series roster. Miguel Cairo is the odd-man out. Everyone else is the same from last round.
    • Shane Victorino laughed when the cover of the morning’s New York Post was shown to him, depicting him in a poorly photoshopped skirt.

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    Interview: Jody Mac talks about the World Series

    I got the privilege to speak with one of my favorite talk radio hosts, Jody McDonald today. Jody Mac and I talk about the difference in callers between NYC and Philly as well as looking into all of the matchups of this year’s World Series.

    You won’t want to miss it! Click play to hear it all in this Phillie Phanatics podcast!

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