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22 responses to “SPEAK UP

  1. James

    Shay, I think your blog is great. You write incredibly well Your work is off to a great start.

  2. Shay roddy, your e-mail address got bounced back.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. jack

    thx for the info. love the phillies!

  4. Shay Roddy

    email system is back up and running. sorry about that!

  5. John

    Wow! Awesome site, just thought I’d drop by and let you know. Go Phils

  6. Leslie

    What do you think of the hype with Bryce Harper’s decision to persue the 2010 draft by leaving school at 16?

  7. das

    Howard Eskin,

    You short, little, furry man of questionable sexuality. I say this because you love wearing fur and bling like a woman. Also, you have been known to sniff a few Eagles jockstraps in your day.

    The buried Phillies jerseys in CitiField topic came out last August. Not last week and not from Mike Francesca like you said on your show. I buried the jerseys and I let it out – you half pint, non-athletic putz. This photo of you sums you up perfectly – a hypocritical weasel who would like to slither up Jeff Lurie’s rectum so that you could spoon with Joe Banner.

    p.s. is your daughter the same age as the young girls you hit on during your show? – you perverted, creepy, cialis-chewing old man.

    Other than that..take care and God Bless.

  8. Shay Roddy

    Leslie- As much as you like to see kids finish school, Bryce Harper has the potential to be the Lebron James of Major League Baseball. He’s a fantastic young prospect who’s living will be made in baseball. So I’m not too concerned.

  9. Shay Roddy

    das- I hear ya on Eskin. His show has become close to intolerable. I do have tremendous respect for his work ethic though.

  10. Carla

    Wow!! Rich writing and class. I’m impressed!! Keep that class young man!!



  11. Hello webmaster I like your post ….

  12. Neil

    Yo dawg. This site is dope.

  13. Andrew

    The Phillies are ghey. This site is ghey. end.

  14. martin scor

    andrew is ghey

  15. Jon

    Great site. Keep it up.

  16. Jimmy from Allentown

    I love high hopes. LOVE IT.

  17. Richard Jennings

    I am so happy when I am reading this site. Like, OMG! It’s the best!!!

  18. Michele

    Hey, what is up with the Phillies coverage lately? May 13th really? Every game might be overkill but a recap of a series or big game would be great. Don’t forget where it all started. Thanks

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