Bryzgalov and Flyers inch closer to deal

Senior Hockey Insider —
As Ilya Bryzgalov gets ready to leave Philadelphia, let’s take a look at what his two day visit has shown.

First, Ed Snider showed he means business, sending his private jet to bring the 30 year old Russian in from New York.

After settling in Wednesday night with his wife, Jeniya, Ilya and his agent, Rich Winter, prepared for negotiations Thursday and Friday.

It’s hard to tell what exactly went on in those negotiations, but all signs are positive.

Paul Holmgren released this statement.

“We have spoken with Ilya and his agent, Rich Winter, about many different scenarios.  As for now, we both know each other’s position and have agreed to speak again next week.”

Friday, taking a break from wheeling and dealing to start the weekend, the Flyers gave Ilya and his wife a tour of the city, chauffeuring them around to take in the sights.

Ilya also leaked some positive hints of his own, as he joined the Twitter community on Friday and immediately garnered a wide following among Flyers fans and writers.

Bryzgalov’s tweets, many of them in his native Russian, painted the image of a man who likes the city he’s seeing and has a good feeling about the negotiations in front of him.

One tweet, run through a translator, reads “Wait for the news! Soon, soon.”

Another, in response to a fan’s hopes of seeing him in orange and black, read “I think everything will turn !!!!!”

So with the two sides ready to meet again next week and continue hammering out a deal, all signs point to Bryzgalov becoming a Flyer before the July 1 deadline.

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