Soul still can’t find trust in quarterback

Managing Editor —

QB Ryan Vena and head coach Mike Hohensee at the Soul's practice on Market St. last Thursday.

There was no mistaking Philadelphia Soul head coach Mike Hohensee Wednesday when he said he has no trust in either of his quarterbacks.

Sitting at 6-2 and coming off an ugly 58-42 loss in which the Soul was simply unable to slow the attack of the Jacksonville Sharks, QB Ryan Vena got the nod when the Georgia Force came to town Friday night.

Despite going 20/28 with 320 yards passing and two rushing touchdowns, Hohensee was quick to point out Vena’s mistakes.

“I thought Ryan Vena stepped up and did a good job. But I still thought he made a couple of mistakes,” Hohensee said following the Soul’s 68-49 win Friday.

Asked about his comments Wednesday, Hohensee said he’s still not completely convinced about the man behind center.

“I still don’t [trust Vena],” Hohensee said. “We still made horrible mistakes tonight. I trust that [my quarterbacks] are going to give me everything they’ve got, but I don’t trust that they’re going to make all of the right reads all of the time and that’s why I’ve got to coach them every day.”

While Hohensee’s honest answers may be refreshing, you can’t help but wonder what kind of message they’re sending to men behind center.

Vena, the 33-year-old veteran, seems to take them as words of encouragement.

“He’s right. He shouldn’t,” said Vena. “There’s some mistakes that I’ve made in situations where I shouldn’t, to be honest with you.”

However, the Soul have a 2-2 record in games where Vena is quarterback. It’s clear that his teammates would love the continuity

In his mind, that should be enough for him to be named number one quarterback.

“Yeah I do. I think I’ve played well when I’ve had the opportunity…. I want to be the guy. I want to lead this team to a championship and everything we can have,” Vena said.

While a 3-6 record is far from where the Soul wanted to be, they play six of their final nine home games at the Wells Fargo Center. If they stand pat with the trade deadline coming up at 6 EDT Sunday night, Vena, with a little kick from his coach, could be the guy to get them back on the road to a delayed repeat as champions of the Arena Football League.


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