Despite valiant effort, Sixers fall to Heat

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The Sixers could not quite get the job done Thursday night at the Wells Fargo Center. They trail the series 3-0. (Courtesy

Hard work doesn’t always pay off!

That’s the harsh reality that the young gritty Sixers learned Thursday night, as they fell 100-94 to the Miami Heat. More importantly the devastating loss placed them on the verge of being swept in their best of 7 series – all in front of their home fans.

What those fans witnessed from their home team was an effort full of heart, desire, determination. For each of those descriptions though, the Heat once again trumped them all with the names of Wade, James, and Bosh.

Though, the Wells Fargo Center faithful believed, for at least for tonight that their squad could pull it off. The Sixers showed that they believed themselves by starting the game on 9-0 run. They would never would relinquish the lead at all in the first half to the delight of the vocal home crowd – the very vocal home crowd. The Sixers took a 52-50 lead into the locker room.

The boos rained down, virtually every time Lebron James touched the ball. Though, he and his 24 points accompanied with his 15 rebounds would get the last the laugh.

The Sixers received a solid efforts in the usual winning capacity – as a team. Five players were in double figures in scoring.

Though Elton Brand was stellar, along with Jrue Holiday, who had 20 points and 8 assists. Brand had 21points with 11 rebounds. If not for Brand, it’s doubtful that the Sixers had a chance at all because the Sixers allowed the Heat to grab a painfully astonishing 20 rebounds!

Dwyane Wade was “flashed” his typical greatness with 32 points and 10 rebounds, which included a spectacular one-hand jam off of another Heat offensive rebound.

Wade did all this despite spending time on the bench in the second half with ice on his shoulder.

The Sixers took a 2 point lead into the 4th quarter. That’s when the Heat’s big three took over particularly the “Lebron -Wade Show.” Andre Iguodala’s ineptitude didn’t help the Sixers cause much.

Iguoadala was disastrous once again in this series, despite his 10 points and 10 assists. He shot 3-10 from the felled, and seemed clueless in the 4th quarter, when his team needed him most.

The Heat took the lead in the 4th and pushed it to as much as 10.

Of course, the Sixers wouldn’t die easily… They pushed back to within 4 late. Though, a rare questionable coaching decision by Doug Collins may have cause the Sixers a chance at win and a chance .to get back into the series.

Down 4 with less than 20 seconds less, the Collins decided not call a timeout and let the young Sixers try to score on their own. Needless to say, it didn’t work, and the Heat took the game and a commanding series lead.

Sure, the Sixers gave it all that they had. Unfortunately, though the Heat have something that sometimes trumps even the hardest of workers – TALENT. That’s just the facts.

For the Sixers, It’s a Hard Knock Life!


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