Eagles give fans something to cheer about

Columnist — mnadu@highhopesblog.com

The Eagles are looking to make some final additions to their cheerleading squad before the 2011 season (hopefully) starts.

Lockout? What lockout? Eagles fans celebrated being locked in Wednesday night.

If your scratching your head, the NFL draft is April 28 and we’re focused on a far hotter topic.


Fifty-seven finalist competed in front of a packed house at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre for just 38 highly desirable spots during the annual Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading final auditions.

Yeah, that’s right. If you missed it, well let’s just say you missed it.

The event was streaming live and with celebrity judges and former Eagles icons Tra Thomas, Jeremiah Trotter and Ike Reese smack dab in the front row, this years eye picked squad is sure to be a game stopper.

For over a month the ladies have been auditioning and on the final night it all came down to smarts, dance moves and who are we kidding, it came down to who was hot enough to help the Eagles repeat as Sports Illustrated’s hottest NFL cheerleading squad.

The final team will be announced Friday while the first performance will be celebrating yet another quarterback selection at next weeks draft.

If nothing else it was one fine step in the right direction for the 2011 NFL season.

If this is a lock out trust me you want to stay locked in.

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