Werth, Nationals beat Phils, 7-4

Staff Writer — tparker@highhopesblog.com

Jayson Werth and the Nats handed Joe Blanton his first loss of the season. (Courtesy AP)

For Jayson Werth, it wasn’t a moment of glory, but for one night, he can rest easier knowing he helped do his part to seal the demise of his former team. While he and his Washington Nationals may not be on par with the Phillies, especially in attendance, they pulled out a 7-4 victory Tuesday night at Nationals’ Park.

In the first of a three game series, Joe Blanton was solid through three innings allowing 1 run. The 4th inning brought trouble for he and the Phillies. Werth led off the the bottom of the 4th with a double and the inning would result in the Nationals favor. They posted 3 runs to give to put the Phillies in a 4-1 hole.

Werth, who heard boos from the large contingent of Phillies’ fans who made the trip, made his former teammates pay with a home run to left field that would end up to be the winning run to make it 5-4.

Blanton went 6 innings, allowing the 4 runs on seven hits.

Though, the Phillies had two golden opportunities to take over the game. Livan Hernandez, who was very good in his 2nd outing of the year, allowed the Phillies to load the bases in the top of the 7th with only one out. The Phillies followed up with back to back strikeouts. One to the credit of Hernandez, the other credited to reliever Tyler Clippard.

Down 6-1, in the 8th the Phillies once again had the bases the loaded with only one out but this time they managed only 2 runs against Washington relief pitching.

The Phillies added another in the 9th inning, but four runs was all they could muster as they fell to the lowly Nationals in front of the crowd of seemingly 30 people.

In the 4th, the a bogus call helped end a possible Phillies’ rally when Ian Desmond tagged Jimmy Rollins with his glove at second while the ball was in his hand.

Ryan Howard did get his 3rd homer of the year to to put the Phils on top, in the top of the 2nd.

So, there won’t be a three game sweep of in Washington, but its doubtful that the Phils will see another loss in this series as they send Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee to the mound. They will be facing, well does it even matter. The Phillies should be just fine to close out the series with the Nats.

Though, for night, Jayson Werth can victoriously count his $126 million dollars with glee!


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