Reid entertaining offers for Kolb

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Kevin Kolb's fate is in the hands of negotiators, as a draft day trade will be impossible unless a new CBA is inked. (Courtesy Getty)

We are a week into the NFL lockout and so far, it doesn’t look like a deal on the new CBA will be happening anytime soon. However, that isn’t stopping teams from looking into options moving into the 2011 season.

Eagles Coach Andy Reid was at the Novacare Complex this week and did a one-on-one interview on the team’s website. After being asked about the team’s plans for the upcoming draft, Reid confirmed the Eagles are listening to offers for backup QB Kevin Kolb.

“People have shown a little interest [in Kolb], and as this thing picks up, I’m sure it will continue,” Reid said. “Listen, we’ll sit back and we’ll evaluate.”

It was around this time last year the Eagles dealt the face fo the franchise for over a decade, Donovan McNabb, to NFC East rival Washington Redskins. And the way things sound they are open to the idea again this year. But things are different and a little tricky with no CBA in place.

Right now there is a lockout and no transactions can happen until there is a new agreement in place. It is uncertain what the Eagles asking price is but it is speculated to be at least a late 1st round pick and they could possibly get it if multiple teams are interested in Kolb’s services and they get in a bidding war.

It was reported last month by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that at least three teams were debating on pulling the switch to trade for Kolb when an agreement would happen. But none of this matters if a CBA isn’t reached before the draft. And the way talks are going now and with all the court cases against the league, a new CBA doesnt’ look likely until after the April 28 draft. If that is the case Kolb will almost definitely be an Eagle next season.

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