Bartulis possibly out for season

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Oskars Bartulis may be out for the rest of the season following his shoulder injury Tuesday night. (Courtesy Getty)

When Oskars Bartulis clutched his arm in pain following his dangerous collision with the boards Tuesday night, it seemed apparent that he wouldn’t return for the rest of the night.

But now it seems he may not return for the rest of the season.

As per TSN’s Bob Mckenzie, “Oskars Bartulis’s injury from [Tuesday] night’s hit by Scottie Upshall is season ending. Won’t be back.”

In the immediate future, this isn’t as big of a deal as it may sound.  All reports are indicating that Sean O’Donnell will be good to play for Thursday night’s game.

Apparently, Paul Holmgren’s 10-14 day time table was news to O’Donnell, who planned all along to come back by Thursday – only taking Tuesday off to rest his injured knee.

But down the line, Bartulis’ injury could be a factor.

Injuries happen when your team is making a run for the Stanley Cup.  If you don’t have the depth – not just in the active roster but also in the reserve players – to make it through that, then you’re not going to take home the prize.

Perhaps the Flyers had this in mind when they waived Nikolay Zherdev yesterday, knowing that Bartulis wouldn’t be available down the line.  Zherdev was proving to be too much of a hassle, and the freed up cap space seems perfect for the acquisition of another defenseman.

Nothing’s happened yet, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility should Bartulis be out permanently.

One possible pickup may be the recently-waived captain of the Buffalo Sabres, 36 year-old defenseman Craig Rivet.  Another veteran presence that would be sure to help solidify the Flyers’ depth at the position.

Scottie Upshall suspended

Scottie Upshall received word yesterday of supplemental discipline in the form of a two game suspension coming down from his hit on Oskars Bartulis.

Upshall, in a moment of class, took the chance to review the highlights and announce via Twitter that the hit was “without a doubt late,” but that he had no intention of injuring Bartulis.

Upshall may have had time to hold up on the hit, but it’s fair to say that he couldn’t have known that the puck wasn’t still loose, and the whistle came almost the instant he hit Bartulis.

Not a particularly dirty hit, but with Bartulis going down hard and staying down, the league took the opportunity to hand out punishment.

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