Flyers write new chapter in franchise history with 1000th win

Senior Hockey Insider —

The Flyers became the first expansion team to reach 1000 home ice victories. Perhaps none showed the character of the franchise better than their home ice win on May 19,1974 when they were awarded their first Stanley Cup.

The Flyers’ 1000th home win couldn’t have come against a better team. The portrait of NHL history – the Montreal Canadiens – overtaken by the most storied team to come out of NHL expansion.

Over the last 43 years, the Philadelphia Flyers have made a name for themselves and their city on the way to becoming one of the most internationally recognizable franchises of the expansion-era NHL.

In 1967, the NHL doubled its size by adding six new teams. The St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars (then Minnesota North Stars), Pittsburgh Penguins, and Philadelphia Flyers are the modern-day results of that experiment.

The Flyers quickly emerged out of that rag-tag pack to become the first expansion team to take home the Stanley Cup in 1974. Then they did it again in 1975.

It’s been 35 years since the last championship for this franchise, but their consistent success keeps players and fans alike coming back for more.

And on Tuesday night, the Flyers became the first team outside of the “Original Six” to reach the 1000 win mark on home ice – a sign of their year-in-year-out success and impact on the league.

“This achievement is a true testament to the many men who have put on the orange and black and proudly wore the Flyers’ famous logo for nearly 45 years,” said owner Ed Snider. “This milestone is representative of ‘Flyers Hockey’.

“We want our home to be a very tough place for our opponents to play.”

The Flyers’ most famous home – the soon-to-be-demolished Spectrum – was home to 696 of those wins, with 301 coming on the ice of the Wells Fargo Center. The last three came in Quebec City, Quebec when holes opened up in the Spectrum roof during the Flyers’ inaugural season that forced the Flyers into a unfamiliar territory.

Over the years, the Flyers have not just proven themselves to be one of the most consistently competitive teams in the NHL, but have also garnered quite the mythos in doing so – playing the lead role in some of the NHL’s most interesting tales.

From their days of villainy as the “Broad Street Bullies” to the Cold War knockout they delivered to the Red Army in ’76. From “The Streak” – a 35 game unbeaten streak which stands as a professional sports record – to “The Comeback” against the Boston Bruins last Spring.

The Flyers no doubt hold a special place in NHL history and hockey history as a whole.



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2 responses to “Flyers write new chapter in franchise history with 1000th win

  1. Michele

    Reading this just leaves me ready for more! Great job, great read and what a GREAT team.

  2. Nice job, Jay. (Hope you exams went well too.)

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