Interview: LFL players put down pads for Playboy

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Tanyka Renee of your Philadelphia Passion is featured in this month's Playboy along with some of her friends from the LFL.

Tanyka Renee is every guy’s ultimate fantasy. She’s young, beautiful and she’s a Playboy Playmate.

Oh, yeah she’ll also kick you ass.

Don’t let her stunning looks fool you, this Connecticut native has been around the world and her travels have lead her straight to the Lingerie Football League turf.

She may grace the pages of this February’s’ Playboy by day but by night she’s playing both sides of the line for the Philadelphia Passion. That’s right, #12 is one of the few girls in the league that gets down and dirty on both sides.

In honor of Playboys’ legendary interviews, were going to do this old school style giving you the straight up Q&A and a sneak peak into the world of Tanyka Renee.

So what does her Playboy locker room shoot reveal? Let’s just say it’s not the Heisman pose.

MATTHEW NADU: Let’s kick this off with the news guys across the universe are drooling about. You’re representing the Philadelphia Passion in an 8-page spread ‘Ode to the Lingerie Football League’ in next months issue of Playboy, how did this come together for you?

TANYKA RENEE:Well it was a great experience. I was approached by my league to do it and I was just honored. I actually tried out for Playboy in the past and I guess I wasn’t ready. It’s all about timing.

NADU: So the Lingerie Football League actually opened this opportunity up for you?

RENEE: Yes, it was a combination of Playboy and the LFL.

NADU: When did you originally try out for Playboy?

RENEE: I would say it was about four years ago.

NADU: So how was the experience  a nice break from the battlefield or was it weird posing with the enemy?

RENEE: (Laughs) It was actually great! You know off the field we’re all sisters. We got to stay in the Playboy Mansion for a week and we got to meet the wonderful Hugh Hefner. We got spoiled.

NADU: Are you planning on going back to The Mansion anytime soon during the off season?

RENEE: I would love to. I actually got invited to a party so hopefully in the summertime I can go and head out to some parties out there.

NADU: For all the men and woman out there who think your just a bunch of beautiful ladies running around the field could you clear up some of the misconceptions about the LFL?

RENEE: We’re playing real 7-on-7 tackle football. A lot of times when I tell people I play in the LFL they don’t think it’s tackle but we’re playing full tackle football. We do get injured just like the NFL players and we are hitting just as hard.

NADU: So this is real deal, blood, tackling, trash talking…

RENEE: Yeah and we train at a minimum four times a week. My coach [Chandler Brown] played in the NFL and he drills us and trains us hard.

NADU: What do your average workouts look like?

RENEE: Basically, we do a lot of drills. I play on the line so I do a lot of squats, a lot of stuff to train and strengthen my legs, work on my quickness. We do NFL drills basically.

NADU: You look too pretty to be on the line. How did you land there?

RENEE: Well, don’t let my looks deceive you! I’m very very aggressive you know I did play basketball. So I’m very aggressive and quick. I’m one of the smaller lineman so my speed gives me an upper hand.

NADU: So is it safe to say you were a tomboy growing up?

RENEE: Yes, I was a tomboy. I hung out with the guys. My grandmother actually pushed me into modeling because she wanted to soften me up and I hated it but I did it and made a living off it. But I’d rather pick up a football or basketball any day.

NADU: This Playboy shoot, obviously it isn’t your first time modeling. You’ve been doing this 10 years or so and you’ve been all over the world?

RENEE: Yes, Monaco, Paris, London just to name a few.

NADU: If you’re doing so much modeling how did you find time and how did you get involved in the LFL?

RENEE: I actually took a break from modeling because it became kind of overwhelming. There is a lot of eating disorders going on in the high fashion modeling world and for me I was fighting against my  body and I was basically starving myself so I couldn’t do it mentally. I couldn’t do it so I stopped modeling and I went back to the  fitness, nutrition and lingerie football and everything fell right in place.

NADU: Your somewhat of a health guru.

RENEE: Yes I am. I am Jamaican and my father always told me to be natural. He pushed roots and herbs on us and we learned how to grow our own herbs and plants so I was always into holistic health foods and being natural.

NADU: So do you ever have time for a cheesesteak or are you too into your strict training?

RENEE: (Laughing) No! my coach would kill me if he ever heard I ate a cheesesteak but no I don’t have time for cheesesteaks.

NADU: Between you and me have you ever tried one?

RENEE: Oh yes, I tried one before.

NADU: What did you think?

RENEE: I don’t know. I can even think of the last time I ate one.

NADU: I guess you can’t have that in you when you’re chasing down quarterbacks.

RENEE: Yeah, I remember one time at practice my coach wanted to know if a girl ate one for lunch because it was on Facebook and my coach made us run where I thought I was going to pass out. He made us run so many suicides. If was to have a cheese steak I would not tell anyone.

NADU: At least you’d be one of the few people who actually work it off after they’re done eating it. So you’re a professional brash and hard hitter on the field, is there a soft side to you?

RENEE: Oh yes of course there is a soft side to me. I’m actually very quiet. I’m pretty shy and I think playing football gives me a chance to get outside of myself and become someone else and just be an animal.

NADU: I assume you don’t get pumped up to Taylor Swift?

RENEE: No, I listen to Buckcherry, some Lil’ Wayne a bunch of different stuff. Anything that basically makes me want to kill something.

NADU: I see you tweet for your fans @jockintanyka. How’s that going?

RENEE: It’s going great! Twitter allows me to get very up close and personal with my fans. Any questions they have they can always tweet me.

NADU: Do you have a favorite football team?

RENEE: I would say the Eagles and the Jets.

NADU: Do you think you girls could go head to head with the boys?

RENEE: Of course!

NADU: So Michael Vick has nothing on you?

RENEE: (Laughing) Not on me or Marirose [Roach] he has nothing on her.

NADU: The playoffs are coming up, where can we watch you play?

RENEE: Of course we’re in it! We’re on MTV2. We play in the playoffs on January 29th in Jacksonville. We play four games a season, then we have one playoff game and then the Lingerie Bowl.

NADU: Do you have any superstitions when you play or do you just try to maintain that animalistic mentality when you play?

RENEE: We all have this bracelet on our arms and it says ‘hold the rope’ on it and we all hold the rope. If one of us doesn’t do their part then basically were going to drop the rope and then we’re not a team. Only teams win in football. So we make sure we all hold the rope.

NADU: So now to the question every guy is wondering, do they have a chance dating Tanyka Renee?

RENEE: I’m actually taken but there are so many single girls in the LFL.

NADU: So who’s the lucky guy?

RENEE: Um, I choose not to say (laughing).

NADU: Okay, Okay, fair enough. So when can we see you in the upcoming issue of Playboy?

RENEE: It hits stands on Friday.

Sounds like Cupid nailed it this year.

The lovely Tanyka Renee will be part of February's Playboy, on stands this Friday. Tanyka appears in an eight page nude pictorial along with nine other players from the league.

Images courtesy Playboy.



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5 responses to “Interview: LFL players put down pads for Playboy

  1. Steve

    Wow. This is a very well done interview kept me till the end and i lerned lots new about the league who knew it was so intese.

  2. Jim fron Allentown

    Wow, Matthew Nadu really can do it all. Bernie Robbins, and he knows playmates. Wow!

  3. Jim Hensel

    yo nadu did u see the issue shes sexy as helll.

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