Eagles lose ugly Tuesday night game

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Michael Vick fumbled twice in an ugly and "pathetic" Eagles loss Tuesday night. (Courtesy Philly.com)

The Eagles were the perfect fit for NBC on a Tuesday night. They were about as exciting as an episode of “Fraiser” – as they fell to the lowly Minnesota Vikings, 24 -14


The first half seemed zombie-like and lifeless as the Eagles offense did nothing (without the assistance of the referees). But, the Eagles struck first, despite seemingly playing in their pajamas.

Michael Vick hit Clay Harbor in the back of the end zone for a touchdown in the middle of the 1st quarter. However, the Eagles were only in scoring position because of a Vikings pass interference call.

Superman, aka Michael Vick, looked mortal, if not worse, as he was almost intercepted three times. On two occasions the Vikings dropped easy picks, including one by former Eagle, Lito Sheppard. Of course, that gave the fans at the Linc (who expected to watch this game two days ago) one of very few moments of delight.

Fans would immediately be disappointed once again, as Vick threw his only interception of the game to Husain Abdullah. Vick was looking for DeSean Jackson on the play. The threatening duo was out of sync all night as Vick looked for Jackson 11 times during the game but only found Jackson twice. Jackson caught only two balls for 32 yards.

The Eagles defense didn’t have too much trouble with rookie quarterback Joe Webb early on. In fact, the Birds’ defense shutout the Vikes’ offense in the first half. But, it would be an Eagles’ offensive turnover that would give Minnesota their first points.

Vick, who was sacked five times and harassed all night, was the recipient of an unblocked corner blitz by Antoine Winfield late in the second quarter. Winfield stripped Vick, while trying to avoid a sack, recovered  the football and took it to the house to tie it at 7. It would remained tied into the third.

That’s when the Eagles turned it on (as usual). Except this time they didn’t.

But third string, rookie QB Joe Webb did. Webb, in his first career start, did his best Vick imitation.

Webb slipped and slid past Eagles defensive lineman numerous times, including Jaqua Parker, who will undoubtedly have nightmares about this game. The Vikings took a 10-7 lead after Webb hit Percy Harvin, who beat Dimitri Patterson hit for huge 46 yard reception. Patterson, who has been exposed over the last month, was eventually benched for Joselio Hanson.

Stilll the Eagles caught a break because  the officials overturned a potential Sidney Rice TD reception.

On this Tuesday night, though, the Eagles didn’t take advantage of any breaks, because in the middle of the third, Webb weaved and dodged his way into the end zone for a 9 yd rushing TD, putting the 14 point underdogs up by 10.

The Eagles cut the lead to three in the 4th, as the Eagles capped off a 12 play drive with a Vick rushing TD.

But that’s where the good news would end for the Eagles. The Eagles just played ugly; just ask Andy Reid, who called the team’s effort “pathetic.”

Adrian Peterson ran up and down Lincoln Financial Field (post snow removal) including scoring the Vikings’ final TD. Peterson had 118 rushing yards on 22 carries.

Everything about this game seemed wacky. There was football on a Tuesday night – David Akers sending kickoffs out-of-bounds  – Michael Vick with three turnovers.


The Eagles were penalized 12 times including a penalty for too many player on the field.


The Eagles couldn’t possibly be this bad, right? Especially, because they are a playoff team with Super Bowl aspirations.

This Eagles’ team who watched their bye week aspirations go out of the window, should be wise and rest a hobbled Michael Vick and others who need time off to prepare for a playoff run.

Sunday’s Cowboys matchup is now worthless. But 12 days from now, the playoffs begin. When they do, this Eagles team need to wake up from their snowed-in hibernation.

If they don’t, the Eagles’ championship hopes and the show “Fraiser” will once again have something in common.



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