Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Mark Sanchez does it again

Staff Writer — wkaminsky@highhopesblog.com

Roddy White leads the NFL with 79 receptions this season. (AP)

Another week and another shake up in the power rankings. All the top teams won this week, but that didn’t stop things from changing. In this week’s edition, the Falcons have earned the top spot, with the Eagles falling to number three.

Yes, I know they won, and I had them at number one last week. So why does a win against the Giants move them down? Well, after a historic night last Monday, it was hard to not call them the best team in the league. They came back to earth in their win Sunday night.


1. Atlanta Falcons (2): 8-2. That was a possible trap game for the Falcons, and they responded beautifully. That’s the sign of a good team. Next up, the red hot Packers come to town in an NFC showdown.

2. New England Patriots (3): 8-2. That game against the Colts had deja vu written all over it, but the Patriots defense came up huge, picking off Peyton Manning three times.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (1): 7-3. So Michael Vick is human after all. He did enough on Sunday Night against the Giants to win that game, but the Eagles red zone offense must improve.

4. New York Jets (4): 8-2. Every week Mark Sanchez is getting better and better, and he did it again on Sunday. Give him credit, he’s winning these games for the Jets.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (8): 7-3. They dominated the Raiders in every aspect of that game as Ben Roethlisberger had his best game of the season.

6. Green Bay Packers (6): 7-3. The Packers have been on a tear lately, and weren’t slowed down in Minnesota. They have a huge game in Atlanta this week.

7. Baltimore Ravens (5): 7-3. Joe Flacco needs to play better if the Ravens are going to make the Super Bowl in an AFC that features Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger.

8. New Orleans Saints (9): 7-3. The Saints need to watch out on Thanksgiving as the Cowboys are a dangerous team.

9. Indianapolis Colts (7): 6-4. Two out their last three games, Peyton Manning has thrown an interception late in the game, resulting in two losses.

10. New York Giants (10): 6-4. It was a rough day for the Manning household, as Eli struggled all game long, costing the Giants the game.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11): 7-3. I can’t continue to stress enough the job Raheem Morris has done. It will be interesting to see how they play in Baltimore.

12. Chicago Bears (13): 7-3. Are the Bears really 7-3? We will learn a lot more about them this week when Michael Vick and company come to the Windy City.

13. San Diego Chargers (14): 5-5. The Chargers have overcome their slow start, and now have their sights set on an AFC West crown.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (17): 6-4. That was a nice win for the Chiefs, Matt Cassel played well. Next they have a road test in Seattle.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (18): 6-4. I’m rooting for the Jags, but I just know they aren’t going to make the playoffs. So does everyone else.

16. Washington Redskins (23): 5-5. That was a season saving victory for the Redskins, but they still need to build some consistency. They can start with a win against the Vikings on Sunday.

17. Tennessee Titans (15): 5-5. Jeff Fisher has never truly believed in Vince Young, and now the Titans season is spiraling out of control.

18. Miami Dolphins (16): 5-5. If Chad Henne can’t get healthy soon, the Dolphins are in big trouble. That was a terrible performance against the Bears.

19. Oakland Raiders (12): 5-5. Just when you thought the Raiders were good, they get embarrassed in Pittsburgh highlighted by Richard Seymour’s punch to Ben Roethlisberger. Did Tom Cable teach him that?

20. Seattle Seahawks (19): 5-5. This team may not be good, but I’d put my money on them to win the NFC West and the right to host a playoff game.

21. Houston Texans (22): 4-6. I don’t think there has ever been a worse two game stretch in the history of the NFL than what the Texans just experienced. After losing on a Hail Mary last week in Jacksonville, the Texans let the Jets drive down the field with 40 seconds left and no timeouts to throw the game winning touchdown with ten seconds left. Are you kidding me?

22. St. Louis Rams (20): 4-6. It looks like the bubble is bursting for the Rams, but they have been better than anyone expected.

23. Dallas Cowboys (27): 3-7. I would not want to be playing the Cowboys right now, they look re energized, and are looking to play spoiler. Can they do win their third straight against the Saints on Thanksgiving?

24. Cleveland Browns (21): 3-7. That was a tough loss by the Browns, but the rest of this season is just about giving Colt McCoy more and more experience at quarterback.

25. Buffalo Bills (31): 2-8. Wow, what a comeback by the Bills as they exploded for 35 unanswered points to win their second straight game. Can they make it three in a row against the Steelers?

26. Denver Broncos (26): 3-7. After their first drive, the Broncos offense never looked the same, and their defense got torched.

27. San Francisco 49ers (25): 3-7. Troy Smith is not who we thought he was, as the 49ers got shut out at home on Sunday. Mike Singletary’s days in San Francisco are getting smaller and smaller.

28. Minnesota Vikings (24): 3-7. I’ve always tried to defend Brett Favre, but I just can’t do it this season. It’s time to hang it up, this season has been a disaster. It’s about time Brad Childress got fired.

29. Arizona Cardinals (28): 3-7. The Cardinals aren’t going anywhere until they find a quarterback, and Derek Anderson is not that guy.

30. Detroit Lions (30): 2-8. The Lions have a short week as they host the Patriots on Thanksgiving. Good luck with that.

31. Cincinnati Bengals (29): 2-8. That loss was just straight up embarrassing for the Bengals, and they have now lost seven straight games. Terrell Owens has made Carson Palmer a worse quarterback, Palmer only looks for T.O.

32. Carolina Panthers (32): 1-9. I still can’t figure out why Brian St. Pierre started over Tony Pike, unless I am missing something.

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