Riding the Mustache to the Top

Staff Writer — matthew.nadu@yahoo.com

JVR isn't alone in his quest to grow a mustache, but is the fuzz helping to fuel a red-hot November for the orange and black? (CSNPhilly)

If sports was all about hygiene, the Philadelphia Flyers would be in last place. Fortunately that’s not the case.

James van Riemsdyk scored the game winning goal in Monday’s 3-2 victory over the Montreal  Canadians (13-7-1) at the Wells Fargo Center and the Flyers (14-6-2) find themselves tied for the top spot in the NHL alongside The Washington Capitols with 30 points.

If you noticed JVR’s peach fuzzed goatee nestled just above his ear-to-ear grin after he scored his first goal of the season, you’d know that, yes, hygiene has played a major factor as of late.

Enter the mustache.

Call in retro or call it “Movember” but the Flyers have ridden the ‘stache right to the top of the standings. Several players on the team including team points leader Claude Giroux, who is approaching the legendary walrus status, are sporting the November ‘stache as part of prostate cancer awareness month.

Here’s the terms: November 1st get a nice clean shave. December 1st do what you’d like. In the meantime let that bad boy grow.

“It’s a good cause,” says Giroux, “but I can’t wait for November to end.”

Who could blame him?

Besides collecting straggling food and shots to the face not since Kevin Costner became Wyatt Earp, the mustache is just down right dirty. Yet as the month comes to an end, Giroux, who has nine points in his last seven games, and the rest of the Flyers might want to hold off on the Mach3 for just a bit longer.

The ‘stache might be the reason for Philadelphia’s scorching November.

Perhaps it’s the Breakfast of Champions dangling in the tangles of frozen ice just above the upper lip that is fueling this team but the Flyers are the talk of the NHL climbing the rankings with an 8-2-1 November.

“It could be the mustache,” muffled Flyers captain Mike Richards, “but I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not keeping it after November.” In Richards’ case physically that’s probably a good idea but mentally that could be a mistake. Richard’s offensive play, 11 points over his last seven games, has been almost as smothering as his semi Fu Mancho.

While the Chia Pet may be man’s newest best friend in the locker room, not everyone has gone where the common man can only dream.

“I’m gonna pass on the mustache,’ says Philadelphia Head Coach Peter Laviolette who would look charming flossing the pencil ‘stache, yet remains clean-cut. “I’ll leave that to the players. They seem to be doing a good job.”

It’s never to late to start your own mustache of choice. For information on current styles visit your local barber, or do something more society friendly and visit www.curingprostatecancer.com to see how you can help the battle against cancer.

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