Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles fly to top spot

Staff Writer — wkaminsky@highhopesblog.com

What justifies a move from ninth to the top spot in one week? What the Eagles did Monday night. (Photo: Philly.com)

It was an exciting week 11, filled with last minute finishes. The Falcons won on a late touchdown to Roddy White, the Jets took down the Browns in overtime on a Santonio Holmes touchdown, and the Jaguars won thanks to a Hail Mary caught by Mike Thomas. Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty exciting week, wouldn’t you?

All four AFC North teams lost in week 11. The Cowboys showed some signs of life, and the Bills fans can rejoice because their team won’t go win less this season. As for Lions fans, they have lost 25 straight games on the road and counting.

And if that isn’t enough, Michael Vick and the Eagles sent a message to the rest of the NFL, embarrassing the Redskins 59-21 on Monday Night Football. The Eagles massacre of the Redskins earns the the top spot in this weeks power rankings.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (9): 6-3. Michael Vick is playing like a man possessed, and this Eagles team may be the best in the whole NFL. Sunday Night’s game against the Giants has gotten even bigger.

2. Atlanta Falcons (10): 7-2. I’ll admit I had the Falcons too low last week, and their win against the Ravens bumps them up to number two. Matt Ryan and Roddy White have developed something special.

3. New England Patriots (6): 7-2. Why did I ever doubt a Bill Belichick coached team? The Patriots were all business Sunday night. Next up is a showdown with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

4. New York Jets (5): 7-2. Good teams win close games like that, and Jets have done it two weeks in a row. Mark Sanchez played great.

5. Baltimore Ravens (2): 6-3. The Ravens defense let them down late, and it cost them the game. They’ll rebound in Carolina.

6. Green Bay Packers (4): 6-3. Coming out of their bye week, the Packers will face Brett Favre for the last time in his career.

7. Indianapolis Colts (7): 6-3. The Colts are 6-3 despite getting hit bad by the injury bug. Next they travel to Foxborough.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers (1): 6-3. What happened to the Steelers defense against the Patriots? They got lit up by Tom Brady.

9. New Orleans Saints (8): 6-3. With Reggie Bush returning this week, and a wide open NFC, watch out for the Saints.

10. New York Giants (3): 6-3. So much for that dominant Giants defense, they got lit up by the Cowboys Sunday. It gets tougher in Philly on Sunday Night Football.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14): 6-3. Is it time to start believing in the Bucs? Raheem Morris has done an amazing job this season.

12. Oakland Raiders (12): 5-4. The first place Raiders come out of their bye week with two big road tests: At Pittsburgh, and at San Diego.

13. Chicago Bears (18): 6-3. Jay Cutler made some bad throws, but the Bears defense did enough for them to beat the Vikings. They have a short week, travelin to Miami on Thursday night.

14. San Diego Chargers (15): 4-5. At 4-5, the Chargers are a game out of the AFC West lead and should get to 5-5 with the Broncos coming to town on Monday Night Football.

15. Tennessee Titans (11): 5-4. Randy Moss was a non-factor in his first game as a Titan, catching just one pass for 26 yards. It doesn’t look like he has much left in the tank.

16. Miami Dolphins (16): 5-4. The Dolphins won their first home game of the season, losing both Chad Henne and Chad Pennington for the season. Let the Tyler Thigpen era begin.

17. Kansas City Chiefs (13): 5-4. Are the Chief’s this years version of the 2009 Broncos? Their grip on the AFC West has loosened.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (21): 5-4. The Gus Johnson theory was in full throttle on Sunday when Mike Thomas caught David Garrard’s Hail Mary throw as time expired.

19. Seattle Seahawks (26): 5-4. That was a nice road win by the Seahawks, and they are sitting at first place in the NFC West right now. Not that that’s an accomplishment.

20. St. Louis Rams (17): 4-5. Sam Bradford put together a great drive to send it into overtime, but I wish they took a shot in the end zone during that drive. Will their home record remain perfect against the Falcons?

21. Cleveland Browns (19): 3-6. One thing is for certain: The Browns have found their quarterback of the future in Colt McCoy. Did anyone expect him to be this good?

22. Houston Texans (20): 4-5. After coming back from a 17-3 deficit, that game couldn’t have ended worse for the Texans. How do they recover from that loss?

23. Washington Redskins (22): 4-5. The Redskins should have stayed home to save themselves the embarrassment of that game. I’m still confused as to why Donovan McNabb got that five year, $78 million extension after all that happened.

24. Minnesota Vikings (23): 3-6. The Brad Childress watch continues in Minnesota. It’s only a matter of time before he gets fired.

25. San Francisco 49ers (28): 3-6. You’ve gotta give Troy Smith credit for converting from 3rd and 32 to take the lead late in the game. The Niners are alive in the NFC west.

26. Denver Broncos (29): 3-6. The Broncos unloaded on the Chiefs, and Tim Tebow continues to be more and more involved in the offense.

27. Dallas Cowboys (32): 2-7. Jason Garret looks like a genius after the Cowboys win in New York. He had them playing inspired football. Their season is over, but can they play spoiler for the rest of the season?

28. Arizona Cardinals (24): 3-6. Any aspirations the Cardinals had of winning the NFC West can be put to an end. They are three games behind the Seahawks and lost both games to them. Is it too late to call up Kurt Warner and beg him to come back?

29. Cincinnati Bengals (27): 2-7. That’s six straight losses for the Bengals and counting. Yes, I did have them reaching the AFC Championship game before the season started. Oops.

30. Detroit Lions (25): 2-7. I need some explanation from Shaun Hill as to what he was thinking on that two point conversion. Did he realize they needed it to tie the game?

31. Buffalo Bills (30): 1-8. Can you imagine if the Bills had blown that game on Sunday? Thankfully they didn’t and got their first win of the season.

32. Carolina Panthers (31): 1-8. I get the feeling we will be seeing Tony Pike sometime this season if Jimmy Clausen continues to be ineffective.


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2 responses to “Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Eagles fly to top spot

  1. Steve from Bensalem

    sheeeeeesh !!!!! wes done predicted the right score. holla

  2. Wesley Kaminsky

    I guess you read my work on Bleacher Report, Steve.

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