Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: A new number one

Contributor — wkaminsky@highhopesblog.com

No Moss? No problem in New England. The Pats still hold the top billing in this week's rankings. (AP)

Just another typical NFL week. Donovan McNabb gets benched, the Raiders are one of the hottest teams in football, and Randy Moss is waived. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Randy Moss, who the Vikings gave up a third round pick for less than a month ago has been released. Why they did this is beyond me.

One thing’s for certain, the Patriots aren’t in need of Moss’ help this year. They hold the league’s top spot as one of the few defined commodities in the NFL, while their former star continues to float around in search of a 2010 identity.

1. New England Patriots (3): 6-1. The Patriots are now the only team in the NFL with one loss and now one has to wonder is Randy Moss will be back in a Patriot uniform after being waived by the Vikings.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (1): 5-2. If Heath Miller doesn’t fumble that ball, then who knows who wins this game. Having said that, the defense let them down late.

3. Indianapolis Colts (5): 5-2. Monday night was a prime example as to why the Colts will always be there with Peyton Manning as their quarterback. Everyone just keep going down with injuries, but don’t worry, Peyton will find you.

4. BaltimoreRavens (4): 5-2. The Ravens come out of the bye week and host a Dolphins team who hasn’t lost on the road yet.

5. New York Jets (2): 5-2. What what was that performance on Sunday? Mark Sanchez still has a lot of work to do.

6. New York Giants (6): 5-2. The Giants come out of the bye week with many considering them the best team in the NFC. It’s time to prove it.

7. Green Bay Packers (9): 5-3. The Packers defense was dominant, shutting out the Jets. They should beat the Cowboys this week, making them 6-3 heading into their bye week.

8. Atlanta Falcons (7): 5-2. The Falcons would like nothing more than to quiet all Raheem Morriss and his comments about the Buccaneers being the best team in the NFC. They will get their chance this week.

9. New Orleans Saints (12): 5-3. That was a huge win against the Steelers, but they have to build on it in Carolina. Can you believe the bad luck the Saints have had with their running back situation? Yet another injury.

10. Tennessee Titans (8): 5-3. Vince Young’s health is a concern as the Titans head into the bye week.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (13): 4-3. Michael Vick returns this week as the Eagles play host to Peyton Manning and the Colts.

12. Miami Dolphins (15): 4-3. The Dolphins continue to be perfect on the road, and travel to Baltimore this week. That’s a good thing right?

13. Houston Texans (10): 4-3. The Texans can’t stop anybody on defense, and that’s a bad sign if they have playoff aspirations.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (11): 5-2. It wasn’t pretty, but the Chiefs got the win against the Bills. If they can beat the Raiders this week and they have a good hold on the AFC West.

15. Oakland Raiders (22): 4-4. Don’t look now, but the Raiders are one of the hottest teams in football. They host the Chiefs this week in a huge divisional game.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18): 5-2. We will learn a lot more about the Bucs next week in Atlanta. If they win that, then I’ll start believing in them.

17. St. Louis Rams (19): 4-4. You know this team is headed in the right direction when you expect them to win home games. Sam Bradford is going to be a star.

18. San Diego Chargers (20): 3-5. The Chargers saved their season with that win against the Titans. It doesn’t get easier as they have to travel to Houston next week.

19. Washington Redskins (14): 4-4. It makes no sense to me why the Redskins pulled Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman in the most important drive of the game. Yes, you heard me correctly. Rex Grossman.

20. Seattle Seahawks (16): 4-3. This team really can’t play on the road, that was embarrassing. You didn’t think Matt Hasselbeck would stay healthy for long, did you?

21. Chicago Bears (21): 4-3. Did the Bears discover an offense over the bye week?

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (28): 4-4. I can’t figure out this Jaguars team. David Garrard was flawless. They have a bye week before the Texans come to town in a big AFC South game.

23. Detroit Lions (27): 2-5. Welcome back Matthew Stafford. That was a nice victory over the Redskins. That offense is explosive.

24. Cleveland Browns (23): 2-5. Can the Browns defense shut down the Patriots as it did the Saints?

25. Arizona Cardinals (25): 3-4. I have a feeling that it will be a constant flip flop between Max Hall and Derek Anderson all season long.

26. Minnesota Vikings (17): 2-5. So the Vikings gave up a third round pick for Randy Moss, and then waive him. Huh? This season is a complete disaster.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (24): 2-5. Can we stop putting Carson Palmer in with the elite quarterbacks? What has he ever done?

28. San Francisco 49ers (31): 2-6. Troy Smith made a case to be the starter for the rest of the season. They get a bye week and then host the Rams in a chance to get back into the AFC West running.

29. Denver Broncos (29): 2-6. After a red-hot start, Kyle Orton is coming back to earth. It might be time to let the Tim Tebow era begin.

30. Dallas Cowboys (26): 1-6. Things in Dallas are just getting worse every week. That was an embarrassment against the Jaguars. Wade Phillips has gotta go.

31. Carolina Panthers (30): 1-6. You can’t turn the ball over that much and expect to win. It’s that simple.

32. Buffalo Bills (32): 0-8. The Bills have played hard the past two weeks but have nothing to show for it. They should have won that game against the Chiefs.


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