Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Expect the unexpected

Contributor — wkaminsky@highhopesblog.com

Ray Rice and the Ravens are atop this week's rankings. But how does the rest of the league shake out? (Photo: AP)

Another week of the 2010 NFL season has passed, and with each week, you simply don’t know what to expect. Who are the elite teams in the league? It appears that there are only a select few.

Did anybody expect both the Colts and the Saints to struggle this early? Both teams are 3-2 and are in a fight for their divisions.

The story of the season has been consistency, and teams have struggled to do so. There are 10 teams with a record 3-2, including the entire AFC South.

The power rankings drastically change each week, and as to no surprise there has been another shake up.

1. Baltimore Ravens (1): 4-1. The Ravens continued to roll, this time taking down the Broncos. Ray Rice has arrived in 2010.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (2): 3-1. Ben Roethlisberger returns this week to a Steelers team already looking like they are among the league’s best.

3. New York Jets (3): 4-1. The Jets were able to hold on in the second half for their fourth straight victory. Mark Sanchez still has yet to make a mistake in 2010.

4. Atlanta Falcons (7): 4-1. The Falcons look like the best team in the NFC right now. Michael Turner has returned to 2008 form.

5. New England Patriots (5): 3-1. It was an eventful week for the Patriots and they didn’t even play. Will they regret trading Randy Moss?

6. Washington Redskins (12): 3-2. Donovan McNabb is just what the Redskins needed. This team is back on the map.

7. Indianapolis Colts (9): 3-2. It was an ugly win against the Chiefs, and they are now locked in a four-way tie in the AFC South. Peyton Manning won’t have this team down for too long, they will get it going.

8. Green Bay Packers (6): 3-2. The Packers have not looked right all season, and the injuries keep piling up for this team with Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley and Nick Barnett all getting hurt in Week 5.

9. New York Giants (17): 3-2. The Giants have gone through a complete transformation since that Titans loss and are playing at a high level. Their defense is back.

10. New Orleans Saints (4): 3-2. Are the defending champs in trouble? Nobody saw that loss in Arizona coming. Nobody!

11. Chicago Bears (11): 4-1. The Bears could not be happier to escape with that win despite Todd Collins posting a stat line of 6-16, 32 yards and four interceptions. This team is finished if Jay Cutler is hurt.

12. Tennessee Titans (22): 3-2. That was a huge win for the Titans, Vince Young played great. Next up for them is a trip to Jacksonville on Monday Night Football.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (19): 3-2. They almost blew that one in San Francisco, but Kevin Kolb played well. Can he keep it going against the hottest team in he NFC, the Falcons?

14. Houston Texans (8): 3-2. I thought this was a different Texans team? This looks like the same old, inconsistent, unpredictable Texans.

15. Minnesota Vikings (15): 1-3.  We’ve seen that script before: Brett Favre leads his team all the way back only to throw an interception to lose the game. Next they host the Cowboys in an attempt to save their season.

16. Miami Dolphins (16): 2-2. The Dolphins better be ready because their schedule is brutal the next four weeks: GB, vs. Pitt, @Cinn, @Balt. They could catch a break this week though if Aaron Rodgers is unable to play.

17. San Diego Chargers (10): 2-3. The Chargers continue to be a mystery this season as they cannot seem to win on the road. They get another chance this week in St. Louis.

18. Kansas City Chiefs (14: 3-1. The defense did enough to win the game, but their offense never got in a rhythm as the Chiefs are no longer undefeated.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (24): 3-1. The Bucs never gave up and ended up making big defensive play at the end of the game on their way to a win. If they want to be considered serious in the NFC South they can start by taking out the Saints this week.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (23): 3-2. Give credit to the Jaguars for overcoming that early deficit in Buffalo and  rebounding for their second win in a row. They will go for three in a row on Monday Night Football against the Titans.

21 . Dallas Cowboys (13): 1-3. Just when you thought the Cowboys were getting it together, they come out flat following their bye week. Can they save their season in Minnesota?

22. Arizona Cardinals (28): 3-2. The Cardinals managed to win a game in which a running back or wide receiver didn’t score a touchdown. That’s gotta feel good. Did I mention it was against the defending Super Bowl champs?

23. Denver Broncos (20): 2-3. Don’t look now but Kyle Orton just threw his fourth straight 300 plus yard game. Unfortunately, it resulted in a loss. Next up for the Broncos are Rex Ryan and the Jets.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (18): 2-3. Could the bye week come at any better week for the Bengals? Back to back losses to the Browns and Buccaneers have the defending AFC North champions in trouble, looking like the “Bungles.”

25. Seattle Seahawks (25): 2-2. The Seahawks come out of their bye week and must do something they have failed so come close to doing thus far: win a road game.

26. Oakland Raiders (29): 2-3. The Raiders could easily be 3-2 had Sebastian Janikowski made that field goal in Arizona. Was that comeback win against the Chargers the spark that Jason Campbell needed?

27. Detroit Lions (30): 1-4. That win by the Lions was long overdue as they unloaded on the Rams. Shaun Hill has filled in very nicely for Matthew Stafford.

28. Cleveland Browns (26): 1-4. Browns fans got a glimpse of how life would be like with Jake Delhomme as their quarterback. They better hope Seneca Wallace is okay.

29. St. Louis Rams (21): 2-3. Now that’s the Rams that we know. You will have games like that Sam Bradford, you just don’t expect it to come at the hands of the Lions.

30. San Francisco 49ers (27): 0-5. The rough season is just gets worse for the 49ers as they drop to 0-5. Alex Smith was playing with a purpose after nearly getting benched, unfortunately, he couldn’t finish the job.

31. Carolina Panthers (31): 0-5. Despite intercepting Todd Collins four times, the Panthers weren’t able to get anything going. Jimmy Clausen does not appear ready to be an NFL starter yet.

32. Buffalo Bills (32): 0-5. I really thought they would beat the Jaguars for their first win of the season. Looking at their schedule, there are not many winable

*(#) denotes previous week’s ranking


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