Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Bears are for real

Contributor — wkaminsky@highhopesblog.com

Jay Cutler has been a huge key to the Bears' suprising success. (Photo: Getty Images)

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (5): 3-0. The Steelers are playing like the best team in football right now and don’t even have Ben Roehlisberger yet. Can you imagine how good they will be when he returns?

2. Indianapolis Colts (2): 2-1. Just another day at the office for Peyton Manning, as the Colts took care of business.

3. New Orleans Saints (1): 2-1. Sure, Garrett Hartley kicked them to the Super Bowl, but it’s a new season, the Saints need a new kicker. He’s gotta make that kick in overtime.

4. Chicago Bears (14): 3-0. The Bears continue to be one of the biggest surprises of the 2010 season, winning a hard fought game against the Packers. They’ll look to remain undefeated on Sunday night on the road against the Giants.

5. Green Bay Packers (3): 2-1. The Packers made too many mistakes, and it cost them the game. They will rebound at home against the Lions.

6. Baltimore Ravens (6): 2-1. Joe Flacco finally had a good game, while the Ravens escaped with a win. Next they travel to Pittsburgh to play the undefeated Steelers.

7. New York Jets (7): 2-1. No Revis, no problem for the Jets. Their defense stepped up when they needed it most.

8. Atlanta Falcons (12): 2-1. The Falcons made it clear to the Saints that the NFC South is not theirs. This team is dangerous.

9. New England Patriots (8): 2-1. That game was probably a little closer than the Patriots would have liked it to be, but they came away with the win. Now they must get ready for the Dolphins.

10. Miami Dolphins (9): 2-1. That would have been a huge win for the Dolphins, but they failed to execute down the stretch. They have another AFC East battle next Monday Night when Patriots come to town.

11. Houston Texans (4): 2-1. Just when you start believing in the Texans, they go and play a bad game like that. You just never know with this team.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (10): 2-1. Carson Palmer struggled, but the Bengals did enough to win. They should get to 4-1 as they play the Browns and Buccaneers the next two weeks.

13. Dallas Cowboys (17): 1-2. The Cowboys needed that win badly and controlled the game from start to finish. Just like the Vikings, the bye week comes at a perfect time for this team.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (16): 2-1. For all those doubters of Michael Vick, how are you feeling now? He looks possessed and is on a mission. His next task is to out duel McNabb. Does it get any better than this?

15. Kansas City Chiefs (20): 3-0. Are the Chiefs for real? They couldn’t be in better shape heading into their bye week. We will learn more about them week five when they travel to Indianapolis.

16. Minnesota Vikings (15): 1-2. The Vikings won, but they still don’t look right. The bye week comes a a perfect time.

17. San Diego Chargers (13): 1-2. The Chargers always seem to start the season slow, they shouldn’t panic yet. They will rebound next week at home against the Cardinals.

18. Tennessee Titans (18): 2-1. Vince Young responded nicely to his benching, and the Titans defense continues to be among the leagues best.

19. Washington Redskins (11): 1-2. That’s a bad loss by the Redskins, their defense was bad. Next up for the Redskins is Donovan McNabb’s return to Philly.

20. Seattle Seahawks (24): 2-1. I can’t figure out the Seahawks. One week they’ll get destroyed against the Broncos, and the next they will beat the Chargers. Home field advantage is huge for this team.

21. New York Giants (19): 1-2. This season might end up being a complete disaster for the Giants. They continue to make so many mistakes. I have no idea what Eli Manning was thinking throwing it lefty, as he was falling down. Just stupid.

22. Denver Broncos (22): 1-2. That was an emotional game, and the Colts were too much for the Broncos. Kyle Orton continues to have a monster, throwing for 476 yards.

23. Arizona Cardinals (27): 2-1. They really should not have won that game against the Raiders, but they’ll take it. Next they travel to San Diego.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23): 2-1. So much for the talk of the Bucs being for real. It was fun while it lasted.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (25): 1-2. They couldn’t do anything on offense, and David Garrard was bad for the second straight week. Maurice Jones Drew has been invisible this season.

26. San Francisco 49ers (21): 0-3. Mike Singletary’s seat is getting warmer each week. An 0-4 start is likely as they must play the Falcons on the road.

27. St. Louis Rams (31): 1-2. After coming close the first two weeks, the Rams put it all together for a nice win. Believe it or not, they are in the mix in the NFC West.

28. Oakland Raiders (29): 1-2. The Raiders had no business losing that game, Sebastian Janikowski can’t miss that field goal. He just can’t.

29. Detroit Lions (28): 0-3. The Lions have a problem stopping the run. That’s now two weeks in a row they have been torn up on the ground.

30. Carolina Panthers (26): 0-3. Jimmy Clausen had a rough game in his first start, and the Panthers woes continue. They made mistake after mistake.

31. Cleveland Browns (30): 0-3. The Browns played well in Baltimore, and Peyton Hillis continues to be impressive.

32. Buffalo Bills (32): 0-3. The offense definitely got a spark out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but it wasn’t enough. He gives them a much better chance to win than Trent Edwards.

* (#) denotes previous week’s ranking



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4 responses to “Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Bears are for real

  1. Asher

    Nice article, I love the short and sweet ones. Easy to read and doesn’t take that much time.

  2. wesleykaminsky

    I love them too.

  3. Wes, glad to see you on board writing for high hopes, I see good things on the horizon for Fanadelphia.

  4. wesleykaminsky

    Thanks, glad to be here.

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