It’s called rebuilding, Eagle nation

Managing Editor —

If your goal's to win the Super Bowl then you better hope Kevin Kolb is your guy. (Photo: Getty)

Alright, enough. I’ve had it with e-mailers, tweeters, sports talk callers and anyone else who continues to talk about why Michael Vick should take over the starting quarterback’s role for the remainder of the season. You just aren’t thinking, people.

Giving up on Kevin Kolb now will only set the team back years. So you better not only give him every chance, but hope he’s your guy.

It’s time to come to terms with the fact that this is a rebuilding season. The Eagles aren’t going to be winning the Super Bowl this year. They probably won’t even make the playoffs no matter who their QB is — those slim chances were all but lost with the injuries to Leonard Weaver and Jamaal Jackson. But what they can accomplish this season is building an very good young nucleus that can win looking forward.

I understand the Philly mentality and I know people want to win now. “You play to win the game” has been the phrase of the week for Vick advocates. It makes sense, until you realize that you play to win the championship.

I’ll promise you one thing — Mike Vick will never win a Super Bowl in midnight green.

Even if Vick proved to be the better quarterback Week 1, and probably would have won the game had he played the way he did for all four quarters, he isn’t the long-term answer. In fact, he isn’t even the long-term backup. He doesn’t fit the offense that Andy Reid has in place and the chances of him being resigned after his contract expires at the end of this season are slim to none — even if the Eagles starting QB is a question mark this offseason. He’s an athletic quarterback, with the ability to throw on the fly. He’s not a pocket passer, which is the type of quarterback that fits the Eagles system they have stubbornly insisted on since Reid began his tenure here as head coach.

We all saw Kevin Kolb in Week 1, and we all know it wasn’t pretty. But if you give up on him now, not only will you waste the three years you’ve invested in getting him ready to be the starter, but you’ll cheat yourself out of knowing what he could be. It could have been nerves, it could have been a bad day, or any combination of things. The bottom line is you need a lot more than a half of football to see what someone is.

Nobody wants to waste a season. But sometimes you have to accept that it’s inevitable and get what you can out of it. Scrapping Kolb and playing Vick is going to accomplish anything.

You have to give Kolb at least half the year (though I have no doubt he’ll get it all from Andy Reid). If things go poorly, bring Vick in, see what he does and then evaluate what you do in the off-season. But come to terms with the fact that this is a rebuilding season and all you’re doing by abandoning Kolb is subjecting you to at least 2-3 more years of losing, while you get a new quarterback in here and start the process all over.

And those who think Vick’s the long-term answer, just ask Falcons fans what it’s like to count on Vick week in and week out. Most aren’t eager to sing his praises.

The bottom line is simple, Kevin Kolb gives you the best chance to win a Super Bowl in the near future. And that is what it’s all about. Who cares if this year is a 7-9 finish. Sometimes you have to be a little patient. Even in Philadelphia.



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4 responses to “It’s called rebuilding, Eagle nation

  1. rj

    ur just a hater, u need to hop off kevin kolb

  2. DeBrikishaw

    don’t listen to RJ, he’s a little confused. You rock!!

  3. rj

    go to my website where i have written a full article about how dumb u are

  4. DeBrickishaw

    man, f this site. Roddy has got these morons writing on it.

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