Deadline Mania: Phils frantically seek help

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Could Roy Oswalt be the newest Phillie? Shay Roddy has the details.

Ruben Amaro Jr. is usually a pretty calm guy. Laid back and quiet, as any winning GM should be. The only problem is right now his team isn’t winning. Amaro, after talking on television, met with reporters today in St. Louis to discuss the state of his struggling team. And this time Amaro was far from calm and reassuring.

The second year GM told “Daily News Live” that he sees this year as a bit of a “different scenario since we’re dealing from a position behind, as opposed to where we were in the last couple of years.”

So let’s get all caught up on exactly what types of moves the Phils might be making.

J.A. Happ looks to rejoin team

Happ, after being optioned to Triple-A Lehigh Valley following a largely unsuccessful rehab assignment appears to be ready to rejoin the team. Jamie Moyer will head to the DL after suffering virtually the same injury as Happ, according to reports.

Happ would likely pitch Sunday, in Moyer’s spot. He was pulled from his Triple-A start tonight after just three innings, which tends to be an indication that a callup is imminent. As the Daily News‘ David Murphy points out, the Phillies wanted him out of the game so A) He wouldn’t get hurt, B) He could be available to pitch on Saturday (on short rest). The only other rationale would be if Happ was involved in a trade for a starting pitcher.

More on Saturday’s TBA

On “Daily News Live” today, Amaro said that he knew who would be pitching Saturday (granted, this was before he had another hole to fill Sunday) but has decided not to disclose that information. In a Q&A session with reporters, he seemed to hint heavily that Saturday’s start would come from outside of the organization. If you put two-and-two together there, it would seem that a trade is imminent. Still, Amaro insists it isn’t.

Werth on the way out?

Werth, who has developed recently into a bit of a public enemy, after an incident where he cursed at a father and son who interfered with a foul ball Werth thought he could have caught and a reported “incident”, if you can call it that, that upset certain reporters who decided to run Werth’s wise-ass comments to reporters in the clubhouse, who finished a largely unproductive interview with a teammate. Fans, putting Werth’s “mistakes” with his dreadful on-field performance and expiring contract are largely hoping for a trade that could bring a starting pitcher to town.

Oswalt on the way in?

Rumors, as they often do this time of year, are flying around. The name attached to the most popular Phillies related rumors is Roy Oswalt. The Houston pitcher could be on his way into Philly as part of a rumored three team trade, sending Jayson Werth somewhere (Tampa rumored) for prospects and then sending the prospects to Ed Wade’s Astros for Oswalt. Oswalt is scheduled to start Saturday against the Reds, so he would fit into the rotation seamlessly.

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