The boys are back: Phils offense returns in the Bronx

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Chase Utley has been struggling mightily at the plate, but could he be coming out of his slump? (Photo: AP)

Last night, Phillies fans got a glimpse of the dominant offensive team they’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the past few years. The explosive group we used to know and love seemed to go on a rather long vacation, for about three weeks. During these three weeks the season looked grim and like a disappointment to the fans of Philly. However last night the Fightin’s seemed to be eager to come back from their prolonged slump, and show how good of a team they really can be. It felt good to take a series away from the defending World Champs, and get back into the rhythm of Phillies baseball. This game should serve as the turning point for the team to return to their customary high-scoring games.

Last night we saw contribution from everyone on the team, which was a really good sign, considering, 1-8, the entire lineup was slumping. They were able to play smart baseball, and everyone and everything seemed to fall somewhat in place. Everyone was able to get on base, and the affect of that turned out to be seven runs against the New York Yankees pitching led by starter Andy Petite.

The pitching also seemed to fall into place. Derek Jeter who? Kyle Kendrick was able to pitch a gem, and only let up one run through seven innings. Jose Contreras was also pitched very well in the eighth, working his slider in perfectly.

This is how the Phillies expected the season to be. Games like last night. A dominant force to be reckoned with. Like I said before, it has been a rare occasion lately to see the Fightin’ Phils win two games in a row, both with good offensive production.

But where does the team go from here, is the obvious next question. Should we keep expecting this type of play for the future? Hopefully, but what we saw in the Bronx was a really good sign. Everyone was back hitting and they were not overly reliant on the longball.

If the Phils continue to play aggressively and make good contact, the offense can definitely win them games. As a pitcher, when you have momentum every inning, scoring runs, it helps you, and gives you momentum on the mound. As long as the confidence stays around in the organization, things should be a little bit smoother for the rest of the season. But only time can tell.

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  1. harryandwhitey

    too bad utley sux

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