Dalembert dealt to Sacramento

Staff Writer — sreiter@highhopesblog.com

It wasn't always easy for Dalembert in Philly, but a part of his game will be missed nonetheless. (FILE)

Samuel Dalembert wore number 1 for the 76ers since 2001 when he was drafted in the first round. For eight seasons we saw the Hatian-Canadian blocking shots and rebounding. His raw talent — astonishing. His basketball IQ —  troubling.

Today the Sixers shipped Dalembert to Sacramento, in return for Spencer Hawes, a 22-year-old 7’1″ center, and Andres Nocioni a 6’7″ forward out of Argentina.

No the question: Will these two men be able to fill Dalembert’s rather large shoes?

Dalembert never really seemed to be a huge helping factor for the Sixers. He wasn’t very consistent and lacked what the Sixers really needed underneath, both defensively and offensively. Although frustrating to watch sometimes, Dalembert would show signs of aggressiveness and heart throughout his time in Philadelphia.

During his career, he racked up 8.1 PPG, .5 APG, and 8.3 RPG. When the Sixers signed him the took a bit of a gamble, taking a kid with tremendous talent, but who was rumored to care very little about the game itself. They expected a big man who can truly fill their holes underneath, but got a big man who never worked up to his potential.

The Sixers received two players who will be factors in helping rebuild the Sixers organization. Hawes is a young player, who still has much to learn, but has proven that he is more than capable of being a great player. This past season against the Lakers, he scored 30 points and had 11 rebounds. He averaged 10 points in 72 games with the kings and 6.1 rebounds. Hawes is still young, but in a couple seasons he should develop into a nice player to go along with the team that the Sixers are trying to assemble.

General manager Ed Stefanski’s squad is also receiving the veteran experience of Andres Nocioni. Nocioni helped lead Argentina to a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics and a gold in the 2004 Olympics. He showed how he can truly contribute to a team as a great 6th man. He averages about 11 points a game and is lights out from behind the arc. He will be able to keep the threat of the outside game present late in tight games.

Whenever someone who spent eight years in one city leaves there will be change, but for the Sixers this change will hopefully be a good thing. It’s another step in the long process of rebuilding, one which Stefanski and new head coach Doug Collins are eager to get started.


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