Perfection has a price

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Jim Joyce shakes hands with Armando Galarraga, a day after blowing a call to cost Galarraga MLB's 21st perfect game. (Photo: AP)

The price of perfection apparently has a value.

A Chevy Corvette.

What’s that? Let’s see an instant replay: A Chevy Corvette. See how simple that was?

Almost too simple even for Major League Baseball. As simple as pitching a perfect game. Or as simple as making a call to blow a perfect game.

That simple.

By now it’s known as the call heard around the world. Blown call that is.

The culprit MLB veteran umpire Jim Joyce. The victim Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga.

The scenario:

With a perfect game on the line and two out in the top of the ninth, Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera ranged to his right on Clevelands Jason Donalds (remember him) ground ball, flipped it to Galarraga who raced from the mound and jumped for joy as the Venezuelan stepped on the base ahead of Donald.

The 21st perfect game in baseball history and amazingly the third in the last month.

The crowd went wild! Cabrera went wild! Jim Joyce’s arms went wild…


Those words will haunt Tiger nation until man ceases to breathe.

Donald was out.

He was out at that moment. He was out on the replay. He was out today. He will always be out.

To everyone but the only guy who counts.

Galarraga could only let out an exhausted ill-hearted grin. The kind you make when the family jewels have be violated.

And the whole baseball world felt it.

We still do.

Five pitches later on the 89th pitch of the game Trevor Crowe flied out to end the complete game one-hitter.

The shortest perfect game in over a century and just the 21st perfect game in history, turned out to be no more than Galarragas’ 21st career win.

Perhaps we should call upon the asterisk.

After words, 55-year old Joyce dumbfounded with disappointment, admitted he made the wrong call.

He “blew it.”

Before Thursdays game Galarraga hugged a sympathetic Joyce after receiving the line-up card and a Chevy Corvette.

Fair trade-off?

Fist pump to that, or play it safe in case that’s a wrong call.

One things for sure Jim Joyce is playing it safe.

So is MLB commisioner Bud Selig who announced Thursday that baseball will not overturn the call. The MLB umpire of two decades has exploded an ever growing controversy of implementing instant replay in baseball due frequently increasing blown calls buy the boys in blue .

Currently instant replay is only used for controversial home runs, most recently for an Alex Rodriguez shot that hit a camera above the right field wall at Citizens Bank Ballpark in game 3 of the 2009 World Series.

The human element of baseball has made baseball the perfect game and has remained intact since the beginning of Americas Past time.

But maybe that perfection is past due.

The next few weeks should be interesting when Selig and the rest of baseballs’ who’s who debate the topic of instant replay and the future of Joyce.

Mistakes happen we understand that.

Just not with two outs in the ninth during a perfect game.

That we can’t fathom.

Perfection has a price.

To Armando Galarraga, riding history is a little sweeter than riding in style.


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