Thank the Fish for the oppurtunity of a lifetime

Managing Editor —


Few times in your life will you ever be able to say you witnessed a perfect game. It’s one of the most rare occurrences in baseball. And when you’re lucky enough to see one it’s something you never forget.

I was down the shore, in a restaurant with about ten people huddled around my cell phone listening to the radio feed when the final out was recorded. But that’s not what my friends will think.

You see, I’m one of the thousands who has bought a ticket stub from for a ridiculous price. $23.65 to be exact, for an upper deck seat at a game that already happened.

If you say I’m nuts, you’re probably right. But for someone who grew up a lifelong baseball fan with a father who talked about Jim Bunning’s perfect game like it was yesterday, days like Saturday are worth a million bucks.

So is it a little bit crazy to shell out $25 bucks on a ticket for a game that already finished, sure. But the ticket will tell the story. The ticket will stand the test of time.

Perfect games don’t come around all that often and when they do you have to cherish the moment. And even though I wasn’t there in Miami on that night, the ticket will remind me to tell my kids about a night that will be remembered for generations.

So for all of you out there laughing at the Marlins for selling more stubs than real tickets for that game, stop, and thank them. They’re giving you a chance to share this night with everyone who wasn’t there to see it when it happened. You’re giving yourself something you can point to and say, “I remember that day.”

And hey, if you want you can even tell people what the view was like from section 444, row 11, seat 3.

Buy the ticket, you’ll be glad in ten years when you still haven’t seen another perfect performance.


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