Panic (!) at the Ballpark – Phillies lose 5-0 to Mets

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Tonight it was Mets starter Hisanori Takashashi who silenced the Phils offense. (Photo: AP)

Can we panic now?

It’s hard to remember the last time the Phillies went through a slump like the one they’re currently experiencing.  And we’re not talking about a stretch where they’re just losing games, but a stretch where they look this bad.

There’s no blaming a knuckle-baller on the offensive ineptitude tonight, as Japanese starter Hisanori Takahashi doesn’t have one in his arsenal.  In fact, there’s really not one thing you can pin point to place blame on tonight.   The only way you can describe this team at the plate is “Lost.”

Takahashi scattered five hits in six scoreless innings vs. the Phillies, and the Mets bullpen closed the door the rest of the way.  He was able to lull the Phillies hitters to sleep with his delayed delivery, and used his offspeed pitches to keep them off balance all night.

After last night vs. R.A. Dickey (which never gets old by the way), it’s hard to imagine a more boring game to watch offensively.  Until tonight.  At least last night we got to here Gary Mathews say Dickey.  Tonight all we got was Takahashi interpreter jokes from Wheels.  Ugh.

As for the pitching, Joe Blanton wasn’t spectacular, but wasn’t bad enough that the team didn’t have a chance.  Blanton went 5.1 innings, giving up 5 earned runs on six hits and four walks to get the loss.

Now back to the real problem.

Last Tuesday, the Phillies scored 12 runs in their win vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Since then, they’ve scored 15 runs total, and have gone 2-6 in eight games.  It’s pretty tough to blame anything but the offense when you can only score two runs a game.  Ironically, the only game where you could really say the Phillies didn’t have a chance because of pitching during this stretch is the game Roy Halladay pitched on Sunday vs. the Red Sox.

Let’s recap the last week for the Phillies:  the Phillies powerful offense scores 2 runs a game, while Roy Halladay was the worst pitcher on the staff in losing two decisions in a row.  Meanwhile, two opposing knuckleballers shut them down two games in a row, and both got their first wins in over a year (Wakefield and Dickey).  They get Jimmy Rollins back from the disable list last Monday, and they promptly lose him again to the DL on Saturday.  All the while BP closed the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, North and South Korea are best friends, and Republicans and Democrats put their differences aside to finally get the country out of it’s current funk.  Someone’s going to have to check that last sentence for accuracy, but the previous three are spot on.

But yeah, it’s been that kind of week for our Phightins’.


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One response to “Panic (!) at the Ballpark – Phillies lose 5-0 to Mets

  1. Agreed. The offense is useless right now. Unless you’re Howard, um Eskin it’s obvious that hitting is the problem. So Blanton and Moyer give up the usual 3 to 5 runs, the Phils have to score 6. That’s nothing new. Chuck needs to pull the boys aside from their slumping wood and get them straight again.

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