Sixers Snag Second Pick

Staff Writer —

Jrue Holiday couldn’t help but smirk as the Golden State Warriors’ ping pong ball bounced the wrong way Tuesday night.

No this isn’t Balls of Fury, but a night just as wild, the NBA Draft Lottery.

So when the Warriors received the sixth pick in the draft- the projected 76ers pick, Holiday, the teams rep knew it was the oragnization’s lucky night.

He was right.

Standing along 14 other teams reps, Holiday had a rare reason to smile in his young career as the struggling franchise snagged the No. 2 overall pick in the June 24th NBA draft.

The Washington Wizards with the No.1 overall pick and the New Jersey Nets No. 3 pick rounded out the top three draft selections.

It’s the highest pick for Philadelphia since they took Keith Van Horn with the second pick in 1997. The team would then send Van Horn to New Jersey for Tim Thomas.

Would the Sixers repeat history?

Not likely. Unless Lebron James decides to relocate his kingdom the Sixers are going to keep the pick.

Which means they will add to their pool of young talent including Holiday who was the Sixers first round pick in 2009.

So what impact does this have on the team that went a disappointing

For starters Evan Turner.

The two guard from Ohio State will add his 6-7 frame and scoring abilities to an already talented group of starters.

Turner is slated to go No. 2 in the draft with Kentucky’s John Wall the outright favorite at No. 1.

Sixers General Manager Ed Stefanski who is already elated at the lottery luck, will keep a close eye on the draft combine in Chicago starting on Thursday.

With a promising draft ahead, the Sixers will also up their anti when it comes to choosing the teams next coach after Stefanski gave Eddie Jordan the axe after the teams season finally came to an end.

The Sixers hit the jackpot Tuesday night and for the first time in a long time, things look like they’re Turnering for the better.


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