Eagles put it on the line and beef up after draft

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I think it safe to say I was not the only one surprised by the Philadelphia Eagles decision to not select an offensive lineman in last week’s NFL Draft; especially considering that they eventually end up with 13 picks over-all.

As long as I can remember Philadelphia has always drafted at least one offensive lineman every year with the exception of 2001, but this year’s lack of a lineman selection was blatant considering how thin they appear to be at that position.

With that said the Eagles did sign 11 undrafted rookies the Monday after the draft, three of whom were offensive linemen; two tackles and guard.

The tackles 6-6, 328 pound Jeraill McCuller from N.C.State and 6-7, 333 pound Austin Howard of Northern Iowa.   The guard is 6-5, 297 pound Zipp Duncan from Kentucky.

Obviously not much is usually expected of undrafted free agents, but there is always that rare occasion when a team gets lucky and actually inks a serviceable player. One thing’s for sure these three players do have something to offer.

McCuller appears to be a character guy. A three-year starter for the Wolf pack who last year received the Governor Award, which is given to the team’s most valuable player based on ability, contribution, leadership and intangibles.

At 6-7, 333 pounds Austin Howard obviously has something you can’t coach, size. The big fella also appears to be very athletic for his size, in 2008 he was switched from tight end to left tackle and as a freshman he actually played some hoops for the University of Northern Iowa.

What can you say about a guy who goes by the name ZIPP?  Well. Like Howard, Zipp Duncan started his college football career as a tight end but spent a majority of his sophomore and junior seasons at Kentucky playing guard before being moved to tackle.

Duncan was a also a high school basketball standout who led his prep team to the Kentucky High School sweet 16  where he scored 37 points and pulled down 26 rebounds in two games.

So for what it’s worth, The Eagles do have a little something, something to work with. Toss in these three free agents and the birds have an offensive line battery that looks a little something like this.

# Player Position Height Weight
59 Nick Cole G/C 6-0 350
62 Max Jean-Gillies G 6-3 358
65 King Dunlap T 6-8 310
66 Dallas Reynolds C 6-4 314
67 Jamaal Jackson C 6-4 330
71 Jason Peters T 6-4 340
74 Winston Justice T 6-6 320
76 Stacy Andrews G/T 6-7 340
77 Mike McGlynn G 6-4 315
78 Fenuki Tupou T 6-5 314
79 Todd Herremans G 6-6 321
A.Q. Shipley C 6-1 315
Zipp Duncan G 6-5 297
Austin Howard T 6-7 333
Jeraill McCuller T 6-6 328


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2 responses to “Eagles put it on the line and beef up after draft

  1. Leopald

    Hey Mr. Action news… good article here. According to WIP Rob Ellis this is the third draft under reid that they havent taken an o-lineman. certainly stragne.

  2. phil

    Yeah Leopold, my good buddy Rob Ellis was right, this is the third Draft, I forgot that in 2007 they also failed to draft and Oh-lineman, but again based on their need this year was a surprise.

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