Raising Arizona (Diamondbacks) – Phillies lose Series Finale 8-6

Staff Writer — swildman@highhopesblog.com

For a minute there, it seemed as if Kyle Kendrick had finally turned a corner.  After his spectacular start last week, Kendrick began the game today with four scoreless innings before getting tagged for five runs in the bottom of the 5th.  It seems for every starter on the Phillies staff, besides the one known as Doc, there has been “the inning” during a game when they completely implode and allow multiple runs against them.  After the fifth, the Phillies were able to regain the lead 6-5, only to have Danys Baez and Dave Herdon give it back and then some.  Baez, the ‘biggest’ offseason bullpen acquisition has been shaky after a solid first week or so.  Herndon, a trendy spring training rookie, has had his troubles as of late as well.

Speaking of Nicolas Cage movies… Remember in “Face/Off” when John Travolta’s character sees himself in the mirror for the first time after his surgery to switch faces with Nicolas Cage and he freaks out?  That’s kind of like how this weekend’s series with the Diamondbacks felt like.

After this weekend, one would have thought that the D-backs were the ones in first place in their division, and the Phillies in last.  It was the Phillies’ starters who imploded, while giving up homerun after homerun (Arizona hit a total of 8 homers over the weekend).  It was the Phillies’ bullpen who couldn’t hold a lead during the entire series, except for a Madson save in last night’s game.  It was the Arizona hitters who feasted on missed spots from Phillies pitchers, while the Phillies, besides Werth and Ibanez on Saturday night, couldn’t take advantage of the hot desert air.

It was certainly a weekend not worth writing home for.

One could argue that the Phillies should have swept the Braves during their three game series last week, with the one loss due to a blown save by Ryan Madson in the ninth.  One could also argue, however, that the Phillies in turn should have been swept by the Arizona Diamonbacks this weekend.  Who would have thought coming in that the one Phillies victory would have come in a game which Nelson Figueroa made a spot-start for the injured J.A. Happ?

But turn that frown upside down Phils fans, because the three word phrase that has been like a shot of morphine every five days applies for tomorrow’s opening game in San Francisco against the Giants…

Halladay.  Pitches.  Tomorrow.


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