Could Eagles Use the “McNabb Pick” for QB?

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Round one of the 2010 NFL Draft is history.

The Eagles filled a much needed void at defensive end moving up 11 picks to 13th to snatch Michigans Brandon Graham. The first defensive end selected in the draft. The moves cost Philadelphia two third round picks on the road to rebuilding but one monster pick remains.

Number 37.

The draft pick number will remain infamous for Eagles fans known simply as the “McNabb Pick.”

With all the talks of harvesting a new defense could the Birds use the pick for, dare we say a quarterback?

College gods Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy, whom many thought would go first round, still remain undrafted.

Is it possible that McNabb could be swapped out for one of these highly talented QB’s?

Clausen is a Notre Dame stud familiar with the pro style offense and some would argue better suited for the NFL that No. 1 pick Sam Bradford.

McCoy is the winningest QB in college history with an NFL arm and frame.

Is it really that crazy to think the Eagles would do this?

Is some type of trade involving back-up QB Michael Vick to bump up the Eagles from the fifth pick in the second round to the second or third pick?

Who knows.

The Eagles have yet to fill the void at safety since the departure of Brian Dawkins making Taylor Mays the third best safety in the draft out of USC a natural choice.

That is if he’s still on the board when Andy Reid makes his move.

Offensive tackles Charles Brown and Rodger Safford are also still available for a weak Philadelphia O-line.

Maybe they take a runningback?

Either way pick will be highly anticipated.

But how much do we really know about Kevin Kolb?

Is two starts enough to make him the franchise QB?

Only time will tell.

With two picks available for the Eagles in the second round only one thing remains certain.

Both Randall Cunningham and Ron Jaworski were the 37th picks in their drafts.



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2 responses to “Could Eagles Use the “McNabb Pick” for QB?

  1. Jim

    Not a bad call they did end up getting a quarterback.

  2. Tom

    I had a feeling they would get a qb they just love controversy.

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