High Hopes adds Radano

In our constant effort to improve the quality of coverage on High Hopes, we have made yet another addition to the team. It is with pleasure that I introduce our newest Senior Writer, Michael Radano to the team.

You may remember Mike from his twenty years at the Courier Post. Mike started at the Post answering phones, then worked his way up to a high school sports writing job. He stuck with it, covering what he could, until he landed his first beat job — high school golf. Radano covered golf, then soccer, putting in his time on the High School level. From there, he began writing the Phillies Friday game stories and worked his way into the mainstream sports scene, doing sidebars and backing up.

In 2005, Radano got the Phillies beat job, which he did with tremendous care, doing exceptional work for five seasons, including the Phils 2008 World Championship run.During that time, he was a frequent guest of “Daily News Live” and many other local and national programs, constantly lending his viewpoint on the team.

In 2009, upon the death of Harry Kalas, Mike traveled the country collecting interviews and stories for the popular Harry Kalas book, sold at area Wawas.

Radano is a student of the game and never dismisses a way of looking at things until he completely considers it. He constantly looks for new approaches to the game and tries to meld all different viewpoints into one.

He brings his tremendous experience to High Hopes with plans of making the readers truly think about things in a different way.


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