Carter Cleared

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With their recent pair of wins, you may have forgotten that the Flyers are missing a key component in their lineup.  That is, the team’s leading scorer Jeff Carter.  He blocked a shot in the first period of the Flyers’ March 21st loss to the Atlanta Thrashers, continued to play, but noticed an excess of pain and swelling later that night.  As it turned out, he had broken his foot.  On March 26th, a screw was inserted into his foot to expedite the recovery process, and he has completed an off ice training and rehab regimen.

He was finally cleared to return to practice after an MRI this morning which shows that he is “healing up nicely”.

Carter has missed eight games, with the Flyers carrying a record of only 3-4-1 without him.  With two games left in the season, his added firepower may be what his team needs to get over the hump and secure a playoff spot and continue to win games into their first round series.


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