Phils Opening Day like early Christmas

Staff Writer —

Yong Kim/Daily News

Before 1:05PM this afternoon, it felt a little like being a kid on Christmas morning.  You get out of bed early, run around the house waking everybody up, and then can hardly contain the excitement as you wait for the okay to run into the living room which is stacked with presents.

That’s what Roy Halladay has done for Phil’s fans on this Opening Day, 2010.  Roy Halladay has done exactly what ol’ St. Nick did all of those years:  given you exactly what you wanted (7 innings, 9 K’s, and the W), with maybe a tooth brush and some floss in your stocking (an early scare in the 1st).

The day couldn’t have gone any better for the Phillies, who got the win after going 0-4 the previous four seasons.  Halladay looked strong through seven innings after a shaky start in which he gave up 1 run in the 1st.  Rollins and Polanco set the table early and often, which allowed Utley, Howard, and Werth to take pitches and have good at-bats.  Both Utley and Ruiz took three walks, while Rollins was given two free passes to 1st base.

The bullpen, which comes into the season short-handed with Lidge on the DL and Kendrick having to start because of Blanton’s strained oblique muscle, did well in mop-up duty.  (Side note:  who knew Blanton had oblique muscles to begin with?).  Bastardo, Baez, and Herndon combined to toss two scoreless innings, all after the Phil’s had already scored their 11 runs.

This Opening Day start for Halladay and the Phil’s will hopefully represent a microcosm of the upcoming season.  We found out that Halladay is human after all, but maybe only part human, like RoboCop.  Halladay found out that he doesn’t have to throw a no-hitter to get the ‘W’ with this Phillies team who can blast off for five runs in an inning as fast as his sinker drops out of the strike zone.

One can only hope that this is a sign of things to come.


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