With McNabb trade, era ends

Managing Editor — sroddy@highhopesblog.com

The trade of Donovan McNabb marks the end of an era of Eagles football.

Steve Van Buren, Reggie White, Chuck Bednarik, Tommy McDonald, Brian Dawkins all share one thing in common, they are great former Eagles. Now one more can be added to the list — Donovan McNabb.

Number five became a former Eagle today after the Eagles shocked many and relieved others by trading one of their own, an Eagles lifer, a Pro Bowler and an indisputably great quarterback to their division rival Redskins today for a second round pick in this year’s draft and a third or fourth rounder in 2011.

Whether or not you think Mcnabb’s name should be in that list of all-time greats there is one thing that cannot be denied — a piece of the Eagles identity was lost today in a monumental trade.

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One response to “With McNabb trade, era ends

  1. Louie The Looper

    Any married person will tell you the opposite of love isn’t hate, but indifference.

    Hate could come in the form of verbal arguments, throwing dishes or slamming doors. All insinuate emotonal involvement. It means the person still cares enough to bother.

    However, indifference, when someone simply doesn’t care any longer, is the real death knell for any relationship.

    Such as it is with Eagles’ fans and Donovan McNabb. We stopped loving or hating him long ago. Now, the news of his trade, aside from the fact that he was traded to a didvision rival (Washington), figures to be treated as, “Been there. Done that. Time to move on.”

    McNabb’s trade is by no means akin to an acrimonious divorce. Eagle fans don’t hate Mc Nabb, nor was there any constant chant pleading that he be shipped out of town on the next bus.

    For much of his career with the Eagles, Mc Nabb was good, and at times, he was very good. But, like the guy who eats the same thing for lunch each day, sooner or later you know he’s going to tire of it and order something else, even if he’s not sure he’ll like it.

    As for Mc Nabb, we’ve seen what he can do, and for now, we seem prepared to accept that change without vehement protest, a single dish being thrown or a door being slammed. We simply do not care that much.

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