Eagles deal Gocong, Brown continuing offseason pattern

Managing Editor — sroddy@highhopesblog.com

In an offseason that has seen the Eagles shedding some of their most beloved players from the roster and included trades and activity that shocked the Delaware Valley comes yet another move that has people talking.

And no it’s not Donovan… yet.

Today the Eagles announced that they have traded LB Chris Gocong and CB Sheldon Brown to Cleveland for LB Alex Hall. The move reflects a series of decisions by the Eagles to cut payroll and get younger.

Cut payroll and get younger… sounds like the definition of rebuilding to me. Eagles GM Howie Roseman did address if the team was rebuilding last night, before the trade, on a conference call with reporters.

“We’re trying to win. We’re always trying to win,” Roseman said, “For us, this is a football decision. We’re excited about some of the players on our team and we’re excited about the quality of the draft.”

Whether you buy it or not, there is one thing that can’t go unnoticed — the pattern. And what does this pattern point to as being next? Donovan McNabb.

Going younger and securing picks in what Ray Didinger called the deepest draft in 15 years seems to be the Eagles M.O. right now. The next logical move would be trading Donovan.


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