If you’ve been living on a deserted island all week with no connection to Twitter or the internet, you may not have heard that there is this little tournament going on. And I am not talking about March Madness, at least the basketball brand. What you’re missing out on is this little tournament called The Phield, where 65 Phillies blogs go head-to-head to determine who has the best site.

We’re happy to report that High Hopes pulled a mini-upset and escaped the first round. Now we are up against Phuture Phillies and are asking for your help to win the matchup.

Please go here and cast your vote if you have enjoyed any of the content here at High Hopes, including our exclusive Spring Training access, interviews, daily Flyers stories, rumblings from the great Homer Plate and the work of our very own Phil Andrews, the “Action News” vet.

As always we appreciate your support. You give us the drive and outlet to make this site a success.

— The High Hopes team


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