High Hopes March Madness pool

Well, the first weekend is over with. We saw huge upsets with Georgetown, Villanova, Kansas, Temple and Vanderbilt all seeing early exits. It truly has been a crazy opening weekend.

So, you wonder how all your faithful High Hopes writers have fared? Well, we have a leader.

The newest member of our team, Rich Bradley, leads the pack alongside Matthew Nadu. Bradley has Kentucky as his champion and did not have Kansas in his final four. Nadu had Kansas as his champion…ouch.

Here are your leaders…

1. Rich Bradley — 32/48 — 42 points

1. Matthew Nadu — 33/48 — 42 points

3. Shay Roddy — 31/48 — 38 points

3. Jay Boehmer — 30/48 — 38 points

5. Steve Wildman — 30/48 — 37 points

6. Homer Plate — 0/48 — 0 points (Homer chose only to fill out the portion of the bracket that led Temple to a championship. Sorry, Homer.)


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