Flyers: Carter to miss 3-4 weeks

Columnist —

When things can’t get any worse for the Flyers after losing their home-and-home series against Atlanta, they find out the next day their most elite scorer will miss 3-4 with a non-displaced fracture in his foot.

That would be Jeff Carter. Carter who leads the Flyers in goals and points will miss the next 3-4 weeks with what really is a broken foot, per GM Paul Holmgren.

An MRI revealed a fracture of the navicular bone at the base of his foot. The bone; however, is a non-weight-bearing bone. The recovery could be quicker, but to rush this injury wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

Essentially, this will put Carter on the sidelines for the rest of the season. However, if the Flyers manage to hang on to a playoff spot he could be there waiting to play game one.

“Especially, this time of the year with 10-11 games left,” Carter said. “It was a harmless play. Took one off the side of the foot. Got home last night and just started getting worse and worse.”

Carter had been one of the league’s most durable players playing in 286 straight games before the injury. He leads the Flyers in goals(33) and overall points(60).

“If he gets to the point where he can deal with the pain he’ll probably be able to play,” Holmgren said. “But we’re just guessing right now of at least three to four weeks. Jeff’s a tough kid and when he can come back and play he will. Obviously, we’re not going to put him in a position to injure himself further.”


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