Interview: Randy Miller’s ‘Harry the K’ tells all sides of Kalas


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It still hurts to see or hear baseball in this city without Harry Kalas behind the microphone. It will never be the same. Harry Kalas was a legend, just as much as any player or coach. He was put up on a pedestal by his fans, but he always stepped off that pedestal to be with you. That is what made him so great.

Why? Because he was a person. There was a man behind that voice.

And the man wasn’t perfect. It isn’t all that hard to find flaws in his life. His drinking, his infidelity, his smoking, his gambling, bad relationships with colleagues — they’re all there. Randy Miller, in his new book Harry the K: The Remarkable Life of Harry Kalas, doesn’t run from these truths. It’s a warts and all biography. But even after hearing all the warts, presented by Miller in a way that could not be more fair, it’s hard to dislike Harry. He was just a guy that loved life.

Miller details every second of Harry’s life. He spent countless hours and sleepless nights conducting interviews with friends, coworkers, teachers, psychologists, family members, and anyone else who may have had some new insight on this legend. The finished product, published by Running Press, is a must-have for any Harry fan.

I had the privilege to speak with the author himself, Randy Miller, today, who has covered the Phillies since 1996 for Calkins Media. As you hear in the interview and sense in the book, this truly was a labor of love for Miller to write.


Special thanks to Randy Miller, who spent over an hour with our Shay Roddy today, working on this interview.

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One response to “Interview: Randy Miller’s ‘Harry the K’ tells all sides of Kalas

  1. Lord Jay

    You sold me Randy and shay. Nice interview. I’ll pick up the book tomorrow.

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