Out of Left Field: Everything’s different

BY HOMER PLATE, Humor Columnist

I was just sitting here looking out my window at the snow thinking, “Well, it’s here, baseball is back!” Then I thought back to one day in 5th grade when I was trying to get some sleep and there were two maintenence men putting caulking in the windows. With my head down, I watched them work in the beautiful spring weather when one of the guys turned on a little AM radio to the Phillies game!

What a few hours that was, the sun breathing down the back of my neck with my eyes closed and while there was no Schmidt, no Bowa and no Lefty to be heard, I was taken away to a place I can’t describe decades later by a man who could do what no man could ever do and I believe, will ever be able to do again.

Thanks Harry, two years removed from a brother dying in Vietnam, and the one who filled the void off to serve in the Air Force, you took me away for just a time and made it a bit easier.

The game for me will never be the same.

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One response to “Out of Left Field: Everything’s different

  1. Touching stuff here, Homer. That’s the thing about Harry, he had the ability to take you away from all your troubles into the world of a baseball team that struggled to play .500 ball. But while he had you, all else was forgotten. He will truly be missed as we open a season with the person who has been at every Opening Day I can remember.

    And I think of all your columns this one is the furthest “out of left field”.

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