Did the Phillies make the right choice at the hot corner?

BY PHIL ANDREWS, Senior Writer

I was drawn into a discussion the other day about the Phillies roster for the upcoming season. The person wanted to know if I thought the 2010 team was better than last years. My response — yes, both in the pitching rotation and the batting order. I was also asked how I felt about the team signing Placido Polanco to play third base instead of the club keeping Pedro Feliz.

The decision to sign Placido Polanco was a no-brainer. Yes, Polanco is 34, but so was his predecessor Pedro Feliz. And that is where the comparison between the two ends.

Offensively, Polanco’s career batting average is 30 points higher than Pedro’s, partly because of Placido’s patience at the plate. Last year Polanco played in eight fewer games than Feliz and yet scored 20 more runs and collected 22 more hits.

Polanco also gives Philadelphia some right-handed-hitting in a lefty laden lineup. Defensively, Polanco is a two-time Gold Glover, albeit at second base, but the Phillies like his chances of transferring his defense to his former home, the hot corner.

Polanco’s familiarity with short stop and second also gives manager Charlie Manuel some options when it comes to resting Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley, especially Utley whose physical style of play often finds him worn down near the end of each season.



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8 responses to “Did the Phillies make the right choice at the hot corner?

  1. TheDude

    “Pedro also gives Philadelphia some right-handed-hitting offensive in a lefty laden lineup.”

    Not quite sure what that means, can you explain Phil? Are you talking about Feliz or Polanco? Also, I assume you meant the word “offense” and not “offensive”?

  2. NA Staffieri

    Phil, good article. I agree with the move to get Polanco. I am not worried about his move from second base to third. He proved several years ago that he could play third base. Polanco is a great contact hitter, possibly the best on the team right now. You’re right about Utley as well. Down the stretch, he wears out. in 2009, Charlie had no one solid enough to replace him. By moving Polanco to second and having Dobbs at third for a few games gives Utley the rest he will need. This team is better than the 2009 team. Look for a third straight WS appearance.

  3. Louie The Looper

    Love the Polanco signing. Many say they’ll miss Pedro’s glove, but I think Polanco can be more than adequate at third base. Plus, Pedro led NL third basemen in errors last year.

    Mostly I like Polanco’s ability to make contact. We had way too many K’s in our lineup last year. How many times did we have men on first and second with none out and failed to score?

  4. Dude, I regret the grammar mistake. It is all corrected now.

  5. Phil, Polanco is the perfect fit. He makes this lineup even better and should be solid defensively. Not to mention the fact that he is the consummate two hitter, and putting him there in the lineup adds tremendous speed at the back end (with Victorino). It’s hard to make a lineup that went to the World Series better, but they did. They have undoubtedly the best lineup in the NL and I think Polanco is an important part of it.

  6. Louie The Looper

    Sadly, ( I think? ), I’ve missed all of Camden Karen’s cinematic performances. I’m more into the Jennifer Anniston types. Maybe if Camden Karen could teach Jennifer a few of her tricks, guys would stop dumping the former “Friends” star ?

    Not sure how a discussion about Placido Polanco vs. Pedro Feliz evolved into this, but I’m always happy at the chance to incorporate Jennifer Anniston’s name in everything I write.

    Maybe when she tires of dating hunky movie stars, she’ll opt for an older, wider and poorer guy like me?

    And I have one thing those Hollywood hunks don’t: Lots of room for self-improvemnt.

  7. TheDude

    Louie’s got the right idea….any topic can be made appealing with Jennifer Anniston put in it. Next time some boring ass salesman gets me on the phone to sell me something I will ask, “but have you seen the latest Jennifer Anniston bikini shots??!!! MAN, they are AWESOME!”….

  8. Luna Glines

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