High Hopes partners with Fanadelphia.com

High Hopes is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fanadelphia.com, which promises to become one of the top sites to visit for fans of all Philly sports teams. For the fans, by the fans, Fanadelphia will include professional video features edited and produced by Branded Video, web design with plenty of fan interaction thanks to the great minds at Colraine Design and of course continued insight and feature articles from our own team of very talented writers here at High Hopes including local television veteran Phil Andrews formerly of Action News and Comcast Sportsnet.

High Hopes, headed-up by Shay Roddy, will continue to create the great features and columns Philly sports fans have grown to love and enjoy, but through our partnership with Fanadelphia, we hope to reach a larger audience. The idea is to provide you the fans with more of a variety by giving you two great sources for information under one umbrella.

As we speak the Fanadelphia’s new home here on the Internet is under construction and will be ready to launch very soon. For the fans, by the fans — just the way it should be.

For a sneak peek at what’s to come, check out this video on the Flyers four Olympians, put together by Fanadelphia’s own Mike Bianchini.



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