Winter sports to watch this February


This winter will feature the Winter Olympics, which will definitely be something to watch for.

It’s winters like this that make me long for the start of baseball season.  As the Philadelphia region gets hit with the highest winter snow volumes in recorded history, I stop to wonder how I will survive these next few weeks.

Watching the winter sports usually has passed the time for me before.  This February brings a lot of winter sports to my big screen.  But will it all keep my interest on through the cold and blustery weeks ahead?  Here is my review.

Football came to its glorious end in a great Super Bowl.  While there are a lot of questions regarding this off-season for the Eagles, any moves really only sparks my interest to see the start of the season next September.  Sorry, Football.  After the Super Bowl, February just isn’t your month.

While I am an avid Flyers fan, watching their inconsistency and lack of identity on the ice makes the February month of hockey that much more painful.  February is usually the time of year for hockey that makes many of us feel the season drags on until the final playoff run.  And that is not until late March.

The Sixers have recently put a winning streak together, but I still can’t escape that fact that this team has totally sucked the life of professional basketball out of the city of Philadelphia.  Thank you Jay Wright and the Villanova basketball team for allowing me to remember what a great sport it really is.  But even the excitement of March Madness is still about a month away.

NASCAR?  Ok, I can watch the Daytona 500.  And guess what?  NASCAR probably has the biggest superstar in the country that no one in this region really cares to discuss.  Jimmy Johnson will start his run for an unprecedented fifth straight Nextel Cup title.  Even if you are not a NASCAR fan, you have to find that totally impressive.  Only Tiger Woods has dominated his sport more than #48 recently.

This winter also will feature the Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada.  Yes, I am a fan of the Olympics.  Good old USA pride kicks in every two years when the Olympians are put on display.  Here are a group of amateur athletes (okay, well they ruined that with ice hockey) who put national pride and passion into their chosen sport and compete to be the best in the world.  Thank you, Olympics.  Perhaps I will make it through this February after all.

So that’s the winter sports scene here in Philadelphia for the next few weeks.  My top ranked interests would be Villanova basketball and the USA Olympic Team as I cozy up with a nice cup of hot chocolate.  What will you be watching?


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