Saturday morning links


If you’re like me, and stuck inside your house on this snowy, beautiful Saturday morning, then you’ll turn to the internet to catch up on sports news that you might have missed this week. So I figured why don’t I go around the web and find some of the best Philly sports stories for you to read and then conveniently list them for you below.


“Wing Bowl 18 Definitely Not For the Weak”. John Finger, The best Wing Bowl story I’ve read. Pretty much sums up the event, which, I must admit was even less-classy than advertised. My favorite part of today’s um… show- running into a wasted Joey Chestnut in the parking lot heading to my car.

“Bernard Hopkins rips McNabb — again”. Bob Brookover, Amidst the media circus that is Super Bowl XLIV, Bernard Hopkins, a Philly legend is running his mouth, and once again, he’s talking about everyone’s favorite quarterback…”Numba Five”.

“Truth about Charlie: Manuel talks new look Phils”. Jim Salisbury, Digging into the archives a little here to find this Salisbury gem. If you didn’t read it before, you won’t want to miss Sully’s interview with the skip. Especially since Charlie hints that he might not have been ready to let go of Cliff Lee.

“Super Bowl betting spectacular”. Joe Fortenbaugh, Looking to place a bet? Looking to read about all the ridiculous things people place bets on? You don’t want to miss this Fortenbaugh spectacular.

Happy reading.



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2 responses to “Saturday morning links

  1. ADLS

    The Wing Bowl 18 article was really funny

  2. Yeah that was great. By our friend John Finger from CSN Philly.

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