Fans honor Harry with unprecedented gift


I think I have a another reason that Philly sports fans are the best in the world.

As you all know by now, a true Philadelphia legend, Harry Kalas, passed away back on April 13 in Washington. It still stings to think about baseball without Harry. It just isn’t the same.

Since the day Harry died, fans have been trying to come up with a way to honor the fallen monument.

Philles fan Antonio Jose created an online petition, via Facebook, to have a statue erected outside of Citizens Bank Park. Then a guy by the name of Lawrence J. Nowlan signed the petition. It just so happened that Nowlan was a nationally acclaimed sculptor, famous for many memorial statues.

Nowlan had already begun sketching out a design for a Harry Kalas monument, when he reached out to Jose to share his plans. Together, they organized a group dedicated to making one fan’s dream a reality.

In a heartfelt demonstration of their affection for one of the greatest broadcasters ever, the group began raising money to fund what will become a permanent monument outside of Citizens Bank Park.

Nowlan, Jose and friends created a non-profit entity so that all donations would be used for the development of the statue. Dear Harry, Inc., whose current singular mission is to promote, fund and execute a memorial to Harry Kalas, was born.

The vision for the project is to raise enough money (as much as $100,000) to fund the development of an original and permanent, seven-foot tall bronze likeness of Kalas. Nowlan estimates that, if all goes as planned, the sculpture could be unveiled at the beginning of the 2011 season.

The campaign currently has raised $20,000 and is well on its way to accomplishing a completely unprecedented act of fan affection.

It’s hard to believe, Harry. It’s hard to believe.


In order to make this project possible, fans like you have to donate. Even a dollar goes a long way toward immortalizing the voice of our summers. Please click here to learn more/donate.



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2 responses to “Fans honor Harry with unprecedented gift

  1. Vicks doghouse

    Why ain’t the phillies billionaires funding this.

  2. Homer

    Cause they’ze beez some cheap ass millionaires. and from what i gather…one of them is a billionaire. homer’s got like 84 bucks and i just signed Arod

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