High Hopes welcomes Phil Andrews

High Hopes is thrilled to welcome Phil Andrews to our staff. Phil will be coming aboard as a Senior Writer.

Phil Andrews has spent most of his 24-year career in sports media on television, but has now decided to take on the task of writing. Phil grew up in Europe, playing soccer at a high level through his youth. He then moved to the states and graduated from University of New Hampshire with a B.A. in Communications in 1984.

After college, Phil started at WMUR TV-9 in Manchester. After just one year at Channel 9, he moved to WFSB TV 3 in Hartford, Connecticut. Following a three year stint in Hartford, it was off to Philadelphia in 1990 for 15 year tenure at 6ABC’s Action News, covering sports with the likes of Gary Papa, Scott Palmer, and Tug McGraw.

After leaving Channel 6, Phil went to Comcast SportsNet for three years where he worked as an anchor and reporter for all of their sports news programs.

Throughout his carrer, Phil has covered Superbowls, NBA Finals, Stanly Cup Finals, World Series, College Bowl Games, Nascar, NCAA Basketball Tournaments and several major golf and tennis championships.

He plans to bring a unique take on all of the local sports teams, especially the Philadelphia Union, where he has been instrumental in the startup.

Phil lives just outside the city, with his family. Email him at pandrews@highhopesblog.com.


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3 responses to “High Hopes welcomes Phil Andrews

  1. Phil Andrews is the man! I miss him on CSN and look forward to reading his articles on here!

  2. Homer

    Homer loves the addition of Mr. Andrews, a consummate pro and a powerful addition to our humble abode. I should make it clear, however, that my varied use of substances will not cease and I spoke to my doctors (Dr. Tre Base among them), they will not change my biweekly weekend release from the local homer loonie bin.

  3. As Homer said, Phil Andrews is a consummate professional and a pleasure to talk to and work with. With Phil on board, we promise to do great things in the near future.

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