High Hopes/ Phillie Phanatics celebrates one year


It was a year ago today that I sat down at this very desk and wrote a goodbye post to Pat Burrell, the very first story that ran on Phillie Phanatics. That day, I knew nothing about blogging, little about writing and too little about how great the fans of this city are. I wrote nearly each day from there forward, covering Spring Training, Opening Day, the death of Harry Kalas, the Cliff Lee acquisition, the division title, the playoff run, the World Series, the GM Meetings, the Winter Meetings, the Roy Halladay trade, and everything in between.

Phillie Phanatics continued for about 10.5 months before a project I had worked for for weeks launched. The name was changed to High Hopes and we welcomed other writers into the fold. Homer Plate began his Out of Left Field column, Matthew Nadu joined, ready to lend his professional writing and broadcasting experience, and Spencer Reiter and Nick Staffieri began writing their brand of baseball.

I’d like to think we have established one of the better local sports blogs in the area. Obviously, we’re not quite into the upper echelon just yet, but we’re getting there. For only being around a year, I’m personally pretty pleased with our progress.

Of course, that all comes back to you folks. You are a part of the greatest fan-base in the world. You’ve proved it right here too. Thank you so much for your email, comments, phone calls, stopping me at the park, tweets, and any other way you’ve managed to get in touch with me. It adds a new meaning to what I write and keeps me motivated.

Please, continue to read High Hopes. Tell your friends about it, continue to comment, engage in discussion on the threads. Here’s to another great year of Phillies baseball!



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4 responses to “High Hopes/ Phillie Phanatics celebrates one year

  1. Matt

    Thanks for an exceptional year of coverage shay!!

  2. George

    This site blows. Just retire.

  3. One year, congrats! I enjoyed reading Phillie Phanatics/High Hopes for the past year. Keep up the good work!

  4. Vicks doghouse

    well done, well done. hey george, why don’t you go shove a gigantic dildo up your anus.

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